The Obesity Society has several committees to assist the Council in planning and administering the programs and activities of the Society. Appointments to the committees, except the Nominating Committee are made by the President-Elect annually prior to the annual meeting. Members of the Society are invited to consider and volunteer for committee service. The call for appointments goes out in the summer prior to the annual meeting.

2011 Call for Committee Volunteers


Committees of the Society include the following:


Responsible for tracking legislative and regulatory activities that relate to the obesity field, setting priorities based on the strategic plan and determining the best approach for addressing the issues, with guidance and approval from Council.
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Annual Program

Responsible for establishing the scientific content of the annual scientific meeting under policies established by the Council.

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Responsible for planning and carrying out the annual audit in conjunction with the Society's auditors.

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Responsible for administering the awards program of the Society.

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Advises the Society on matters that relate to the clinical care and/or treatment of obese patients; serves as a vehicle for member clinicians to express their ideas and concerns to the Council; advises and guides the President on the appointment of members with a clinical interest in obesity to the Education and Public Affairs Committees in order to ensure full and accurate communication.

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Responsible for identifying potential philanthropic, governmental or corporate sources of funding and supporting activities to generate revenue to support Society activities.

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Responsible for developing and implementing policy to ensure representation of individuals of diverse backgrounds (including but not limited to: race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity) at all levels of the Society-from Council to representation at the annual meeting.

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Early-Career Investigators

Represents the interests of the student/postdoctoral and early-career faculty members of the Society and plans and organizes student activities at meetings, including scholarly and social events.

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Responsible for planning and coordinating the continuing education courses and other educational activities sponsored by the Society.

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Implements the Code of Conduct of the Society and provides counsel on ethical matters to members of the Society (3-5 members.

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Reviews quarterly financial reports, the annual Treasurer's report, the investment policies, and proposes any changes in the investment policy if necessary.

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Responsible for recruiting new members and reviewing the credentials of all individuals applying for membership as a Fellow in the Society.

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for developing the slate of candidates for vacant positions on Council. The members of this committee are selected by vote from the membership.

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Public Affairs

Insures that members are informed about national issues of concern in obesity research, treatment, and prevention; maintains an active interest in knowledge of relevant legislative and governmental activities which may affect obesity research and treatment and utilizes such knowledge to inform the Council, other committees and members of these legislative and administrative issues.

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Publications Board

Oversees the official publications of the Society and makes recommendations to the editor-in-chief, publisher and Council for the improvement and expansion of the official publications of the Society.

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Scientific Review

Responsible for reviewing and scoring the scientific content of grant applications related to the study of obesity for the Society's grants program.

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In addition to standing committees, the Society, on occasion, appoints ad hoc and task force groups for short-term activities and/or to handle emerging issues.



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