The Obesity Society's 2014 Council and Nominating Committee Elections are now open for voting. Current Fellows and regular members of The Obesity Society may cast their ballots via our new Electronic Voting Booth from Monday, August 25 through Thursday, September 4. 


As professionals in the obesity research, treatment, and prevention community, and members of The Obesity Society, we all have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to vote for those who represent us in the Society's Council and Nominating Committee. Each August, we rely on you, our members, to select the best and brightest to fill open positions and support the future of the Society.


As stated in our by-laws, only Fellows and current members in good standing are allowed to vote for leadership of The Obesity Society. In an effort to continue to ensure both the integrity of the election and the privacy of your vote, this year we are trying a new system.


Members will need to log in to vote. Once logged in, you will enter the Electronic Voting Booth. The ballot can only be taken once, so make sure you have time to complete the poll before you log in. The election results are being tabulated by an outside vendor and will remain anonymous.


If you have any problems logging in, your may retrieve your username and password by clicking this link and entering your email address. If you continue to have problems logging in, please make sure your membership is up to date by contacting the Membership Department at membership@obesity.org or 240-485-1959.




We have an outstanding group of candidates.


Council Nominations

Vice President Candidates:

  • Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD, FTOS
  • Allen S. Levine, PhD, FTOS

Council – Clinical Candidates:

  • Wm. Troy Donahoo, MD, FTOS
  • Leah Whigham, PhD, FTOS 

Council – At-Large Candidates:

  • Katherine W. Bauer, PhD, MS, FTOS
  • Timothy H. Moran, PhD, FTOS

Council – At-Large Representative to Mexico Candidates:

  • Simón Barquera, MS, PhD, FTOS
  • Margaríta Terán-García, MD, PhD, FTOS


Nominating Committee Candidates

Please choose one of each of the following pairings.

Basic Science

  • Timothy J. Bartness, PhD
  • Matthew R. Hayes, PhD 


  • Corby K. Martin, PhD
  • Jennifer Orlet Fisher, PhD 


  • Blandine Laferrère, MD
  • Elsie M. Tavares, MD, MPH


Voting members will have the opportunity to review the candidates' statements prior to casting their votes. 


Thank you for taking the time to do your part and best of luck to the nominees!




Please contact Jean McMahon, Governance and Executive Assistant at governance@obesity.org or 240-485-1955, if you have questions regarding the election process.