Corby K. Martin, PhD

2013 Lilly Scientific Achievement Award

C Martin Web copy

Corby Martin, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Louisiana and has extensive experience developing and supervising interventions to modify food intake, exercise, and body weight. Dr. Martin’s research includes the development and validation of methods to quantify food intake using images of foods captured with a smartphone application. Dr. Martin and colleagues also developed and are testing e-Health (telehealth) interventions that monitor and help modify participants’ behavior while they reside their natural environment. These e-Health interventions rely on mathematical models that predict body mass change over time in response to dieting and overfeeding. These models are used to quantify adherence to energy intake prescriptions and can also be used to calculate energy intake based on observed body weight. He also has worked on population-based cluster randomized trials that remotely deliver weight management and health promotion interventions to children and adults. Recently, Dr. Martin and colleagues are examining the geographical distribution of obesity and factors associated with change in obesity prevalence across the United States.

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