ABOM Certification

General Information

Certification as an American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) Diplomate distinguishes a physician as having specialized knowledge in the practice of obesity medicine.

The Certification Examination for Obesity Medicine Physicians is administered by the ABOM through the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). The composition of questions for the examination and the sample test questions are the exclusive responsibility of the Board members of the ABOM. To maintain absolute confidentiality and separation between the examination writers and all preparatory or review courses for this examination, ABOM Board members are not allowed to teach, lecture, provide seminars, assist, make comment or in any way participate in such courses while serving on the Board and for a period of 3 calendar years following the end of their Board service. Find a current listing of Board members along with all relevant disclosures here.

The content of any preparatory or review course is determined solely by the hosting organization. The item domains and rubrics for the Certification Examination for Obesity Medicine Physicians are available without charge on the public ABOM website to facilitate individual study as well as review course development. Content experts who present at preparatory and/or review course(s) for the Certification Examination for Obesity Medicine Physicians are not provided information regarding examination questions, nor do they have preferential knowledge regarding actual questions included in the examination.

All examinees are reminded that the content of the examination remains confidential and any individual who violates the confidentiality attestation is subject to penalties to include prosecution to the full extent of the law.

The Obesity Society Review Course for the ABOM at ObesityWeek

As a pre-conference to ObesityWeek, TOS offers our Review Course for the American Board of Obesity Medicine Exam where participants can earn continuing education. Taught by the industry's top educators, the Course is designed to strengthen physicians' obesity knowledge and offers sample exam questions, didactic lectures and a 100+ page educational workbook for attendees to take home.

ObesityWeek attendees may use the credits from the meeting to count toward their 60 CME credits required to sit for the ABOM exam, even though the conference takes place after ABOM's final application deadline.

Why Certify?

Suggested Preparation

Find out how to prepare for the ABOM exam here

Tips to Highlight Your Certification

Make sure to proudly distinguish yourself as a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine when:

  • Writing articles for publication in medical journals, newsletters and publications;

  • Making presentations during medical conferences and conventions;

  • Submitting your information for listing in professional and membership directories;

  • Promoting your experience and your practice on your website, in advertisements and in literature and information provided to your current patients and when marketing to prospective patients:

    •  TOS offers a template press release for our members to announce their certification. Download it here and use the password that was emailed to you to edit. 
  • Updating or submitting your curriculum vitae for consideration as a medical expert, new position or medical or board acceptance;

  • Signing your name to professional and medical correspondence;

  • Indicating how your name should be listed or published as an author, presenter, board or committee member, panelist, graduate or member;

  • Ordering your professional letterhead and business cards; and/or

  • Updating your Medical Licensing Board Profile and/or group practice listings.

Please contact ABOM if you would like to include information about ABOM in a presentation or if you would like flyers to share at a meeting you are attending at info@abom.org.

Congratulations TOS members who passed the 2015 ABOM exam! Exam results for 2016 coming soon.

  • Natasha R. Agbai, MD
  • Michelle M. Arrieta-Gonzalez, MD
  • Katrina R. Barnes, MD
  • Cathleen R. Beaver, MD
  • Shanail R. Berry, MD
  • Savitha J. Bharadwaj, MD
  • Enrique Calvo Ayala, MD
  • Melissa A. Cardeno, MD
  • Jacqueline Chang, MD
  • Amy Christison, MD
  • Paul M. Cisarik, MD
  • Virginia M. Crawford, MD
  • Tarsha Darden, MD
  • Lucy Dey, MD
  • Robert Lloyd Dubin, MD
  • Brian Scott Edwards, MD
  • Bashar Elali, MD
  • Munier El-Beck, MD
  • Brent Gear, MD
  • Alice Greene, MD
  • Manoher Gurru, MD
  • Michelle Guy, MD
  • Bradley T. Haas, MD
  • Kelley L. Hagerich, MD
  • Daniel Hess, MD
  • Kimberly S. Heugele, MD
  • Marc A. Hofley, MD
  • Jennifer L. Hsieh Connelly, MD
  • Fatima Imtiaz, MD
  • Ania M. Jastreboff, MD
  • Shahram Javaheri, MD
  • Erin E. Kershaw, MD
  • Mikhail S. Koren, MD
  • Kalpana A. Krishna, MD
  • Rekha B. Kumar, MD
  • Sophie Lanciers, MD
  • Sylvia Lee, MD
  • Richard S. Legro, MD
  • Andrey Lev-Weissberg, MD
  • Tim N. Logemann, MD
  • Robert Nguyen, MD
  • Kofi Nuako, MD
  • LaJune E. Oliver, MD
  • Cydney M. Osano, MD
  • Carlo T. Palarca, MD
  • Hemesh Patel, MD
  • Jaya B. Peddi, MD
  • Christopher Quinn, MD
  • Maya Ramirez, MD
  • Matthew Rehrl, MD
  • Glenn M. Rich, MD
  • Katherine Root, MD
  • Neha Sachdev, MD
  • Robert Gregory Scheible, MD
  • Jennifer Scheid, MD
  • Tanya Scurry, MD
  • Robert M. Siegel, MD
  • Brian W. Sipe, MD
  • Amulya T. Siram, MD
  • Taraneh Soleymani, MD
  • Rajiv K. Sood, MD
  • Valerie Sutherland Sutherland, MD
  • Nikolay Teleten, MD
  • Lydia A. Tinajero Deck, MD
  • Ali Tipu, MD
  • Susma S. Vaidya, MD
  • Sagar Verma, MD
  • Katarina Veskovic, MD
  • Amy H. Warriner, MD
  • Peter T. Wilbanks, MD
  • Justin M. Wright, MD
  • William S. Yancy, MD
  • Angel Yap, MD