June 2013 - Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,
The foundation of The Obesity Society (TOS) was built on a commitment to encouraging research into the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity. As part of this commitment, we’re regularly working to secure and promote new grants through the Society's Grants Program.
Through our program, we offer the opportunity for Named Research Grants in obesity research. These grants - sponsored by outside organizations and administered by TOS - are structured to focus on a particular area of obesity research to enrich the body of knowledge in a desired area. There are two levels of value in these research grants; the first and most obvious is that the award provides funds to complete the proposed research project. The second is the potential use of the research findings to support a larger, longer-term, federally-funded research application. Companies including Covidien, Nutrisystem, and the Wrigley Scientific Institute, among others, have sponsored these grants in the past, which are part of our special program available only to TOS members.
We're pleased to announce a new Named Research Grant sponsored by the Egg Nutrition Center, a nutrition organization for the egg-industry. This is a one-time, $40,000 grant opportunity available to a chosen researcher over a two-year period. The Center is looking for research into the diets of children affected by obesity compared to those of healthy weight; a review of high protein vs. high carb diets in children; and, a measure of the optimal protein intake in children.
Be sure to mark your calendars: letters of intent are due July 8 and the grant recipient will be announced Oct. 21, 2013.
We thank you for your interest and look forward to exploring additional Named Research Grant opportunities to further demonstrate our commitment to our members and to the field of obesity research.
Francesca Dea
Executive Director
The Obesity Society
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