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The Obesity Society, acting on behalf of ObesityWeek, has created a student housing forum to help you connect with other students looking for shared housing at ObesityWeek 2017, in Washington, DC. You can find information about conference hotels online. Please find instructions below for registering to the forum to share dates and locations for preferred housing, and connect with other student attendees.

This message board is provided as a service of ObesityWeek to student attendees. By using this service, you agree that ObesityWeek shall have no responsibility or liability for the information posted by you or others on this site. ObesityWeek has created this forum to support you as an individual, however, no member of the ObesityWeek team is responsible or liable for supporting these arrangements.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit the forum.
  2. Log into the forum or create a profile
    • Current or past TOS members: If you are a current, grace period or lapsed member of The Obesity Society, you will already have access to the forum. Simply login with your TOS user ID and password and skip to #3.
    • TOS non-members: If you have never been a TOS member, you can quickly access the forum by becoming a Student Member of TOS (for free, upon qualification). Find out more about member benefits. When you are ready to join, simply select the yellow “Become a Member” flag on the top right and then follow the links to apply online as a student member.
  3. Once you are logged into your profile, navigate to the ObesityWeek Student Housing Forum. You can also navigate to the forum by selecting “Communities” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, and selecting “All Communities.” Then select “ObesityWeek Student Housing” from the list of options. To enter the forum, click the purple button on the right saying “Join Community.” From there you can browse existing discussions or post your own message to the forum.
  4. To contribute to the conversation, click the yellow “Post a Message” button on the community home screen. Make sure the “To” field says “ObesityWeek Student Housing” and the “From” field lists your name.
    • Under the subject line for the post include [Arrival date for housing share] – [Departure date for housing share]
    • In thread message text write: “If you are interested in the same dates for shared housing at ObesityWeek 2017, please contact me at [TOS Connect profile/Email address/link to FB page/other contact info]”
    • Click “send”.
  5. Keep a close eye on your email and/or regularly monitor the forum for responses and other posts!
  6. Once you’ve found a rooming connection, please post “I have made a connection” in the online thread you created. Once the ObesityWeek forum administrators see this post, they will delete the thread.
  7. Please work on your own to book your room via the ObesityWeek registration and housing site and arrange on your own to split the cost with your room-share partner.  Please note, you must register for the conference to receive the link for the hotel at the lower group rates. We do this to protect your from scammers who create websites that look similar to ours in order to con people into booking with them. Be sure to add all names to the reservation with your  hotel, which is possible through the passkey system. Note that adding more than two people to the room reservation will result in increased costs.

Please be sure to keep in mind that ObesityWeek is not responsible for supporting your financial arrangements with your selected housing partner, or mitigating any issues that may arise with the room share prior to, on-site or following ObesityWeek.

ObesityWeek 2017 Hotel Room Rates

Base rates before taxes (approx 18%).  There is also an $18 per room night resort fee in addition to the rates at the Gaylord.

1 person  
2 people  
3 people  
4 people  
 Gaylord National   
$239.00 $239.00 $259.00 $279.00