About The Obesity Society (TOS)



Mission & Vision
Advance the science-based understanding of the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of obesity.
The premier experts in obesity research and treatment lead TOS in elected and appointed positions.
2,500+ members dedicated to obesity research, treatment and prevention: 39% PhDs, 35% MDs and 2% RDs.


The Obesity Society (TOS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific and educational organization dedicated to expanding research, prevention, and treatment of obesity and reduction in stigma and discrimination affecting persons with obesity. 

  • The society has more than 2,500 members. About 39% are PhDs, 35% MDs and 2% RDs. Physician specialties include endocrinology, internal medicine, psychology, psychiatry, pediatrics, bariatric surgery and family practice. Members work in universities, hospitals, individual or group practice, medical school, government and other fields.

  • The Society publishes two journals, including the leading peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field, Obesity, and a new journal, Obesity Science & Practice. The 2014 impact factor for the journal, Obesity, is 4.389 and it is currently published by Wiley. Editorial is managed by leading obesity research professionals in the roles of Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor-in-Chief, under the guidance of the Publications Board.

  • The Society's annual meeting, ObesityWeek℠, is cohosted with the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and brings in more than 5,000 obesity professionals. ObesityWeek is the premier annual scientific and educational conference bringing together the world's experts in obesity research, treatment and prevention - from clinicians and surgeons to educators and policymakers.

  • ObesityWeek features presentations of the latest, groundbreaking scientific research in the field. More than 1000 research abstracts were presented in posters and oral presentations at the 2015 meeting.

  • TOS members are organized into various interest groups by specialty, known as Sections. These include Bariatric Surgery, Basic Science, Bio-Behavioral Research, Clinical Management, Diversity, eHealth/mHealth, Epidemiology, Health Services Research, Latin American Affairs, Obesity & Cancer and Pediatric Obesity.

  • TOS provides continuing education for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, registered dieticians and pharmacists. The Society educates clinicians primarily by way of the ObesityWeek annual meeting. ObesityWeek is designed to "translate" the basic science discovered in laboratories to strategies that can be used at "the bedside" to treat patients. This live meeting includes lectures, interactive debates, panel discussions, as well as oral and poster presentations. Each learning strategy is designed to affect a different outcome in clinician behavior, such as knowledge, comprehension or application. Content from ObesityWeek is also captured and posted online for continuing education.

  • TOS publishes a weekly, electronic news publication, TOS eNews. The newsletter is distributed each Wednesday to approximately 16,000 researchers, clinicians and other professionals with an interest in obesity science and other activities coordinated by the Society and its partners.
  • The Society also engages in advocacy efforts to support and improve research on obesity, reduce weight bias and discrimination of persons with obesity and enhance reimbursement for the treatment of obesity.
  • The Society's Award and Grant programs promote, reward and encourage research in the field of obesity. Awards and grants recognize specific research achievements, major contributions to the basic science, treatment and prevention of obesity and highlight the careers of obesity researchers. There are currently nearly 50 award and grant opportunities.

  • TOS has two corporate advisory councils, one for weight-loss products and treatments, and another for the food industry. These councils serve to engage in effective ways to improve the obesity treatment environment and the food environment, respectively.

  • Treat Obesity Seriously is a campaign by TOS developed in collaboration with our corporate advisory council, which includes evidence-based industry organizations. The goal of the campaign is to encourage clinicians and policymakers to treat obesity as we do other serious health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.