Membership Committee


Responsible for recruiting new members and reviewing the credentials of all individuals applying for membership as a Fellow in the Society.

Dana L. Rofey, PhD, FTOS(Chair)

University Of Pittsburgh

Elizabeth Parks, PhD, FTOS

University of Missouri, Columbia School of Medicine

Charles J. Billington, MD, FTOS

University of Minnesota

Nancy F. Butte, PhD, FTOS

Baylor College of Medicine

Myles S. Faith, PhD, FTOS

University of Buffalo, SUNY

Rebecca Krukowski, PhD

University Of Tennessee Health Science Center

Kelly Allison, PhD

University Of Pennsylvania

Kristin J. Speaker, PhD (Early-Career Representative)

University Of Sunderland

Kirsten K. Davison, PhD, FTOS (Council Liaison)

Harvard Medical School

Tanesia Dwight (Staff Liaison)

The Obesity Society