Guidelines Advisory Committee

Guidelines Advisory Committee

Evaluate the current landscape of guidance/best practices across relevant societies and identify areas of need.


Donna H. Ryan, MD, FTOS (Chair)

Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Caroline Apovian, MD, FTOS 

Boston University School of Medicine

Daniel H. Bessesen, MD, FTOS

University of Colorado

W. Timothy Garvey, MD, FTOS

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Thomas A. Wadden, PhD, FTOS

University of Philadelphia School of Medicine

Jamy Ard, MD, FTOS

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Jack Yanovski, MD, FTOS

National Institutes of Health

Arya Sharma, MD, FTOS

University of Alberta

Bruce M. Wolfe, MD

Oregon Health &Science University

Cathy A. Nonas, RD, FTOS

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Debbie Horn, DO, MPH

University of Texas Health Science Center

Allison Templet,  (Staff Liaison)

The Obesity Society