Access to Care Campaign

Access to Care Campaign

The primary goal of the TOS Access to Care Campaign is to achieve coverage of the full spectrum of evidence-based, medically necessary obesity treatments within every state health exchange plan across the country.

As part of our commitment to Treating Obesity Seriously, we have joined with the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) in this effort to ensure that Americans have access to the obesity treatments they need. Only four states (CA, MA, MI and NM) in the entire country currently cover both surgery and weight loss programs – making the success of this campaign a crucial step in alleviating the health burden of obesity in our nation. Therefore, we will continue to work at the Federal and State level to advocate for improved coverage.

Federal Efforts

As part of the Obesity Care Continuum (OCC), we have advocated at the federal level with both Congress and the Obama Administration to provide federal guidance on this issue. For a summary of our efforts, see here.

State-level Efforts

A network of local State Advocacy Representatives (StARs) is being developed to engage with state legislators and insurance commissioners on this issue. Below you can find links to the most current contact information regarding your state Governor, Insurance Commissioner and the key state healthcare policymakers within the state legislature.

Key Resource Sites: