Brenda Davy, PhD, RD, FTOS

Brenda Davy, PhD, RD, FTOS

Here are some questions and answers from our interview with TOS Fellow Brenda Davy, PhD, RD, FTOS, Professor at Virginia Tech.


Q: What is your title and organizational affiliation?

A: I am a Professor and a member of the Graduate Program Faculty at Virginia Tech.


Q: Can you tell us about your current work and your professional developmental trajectory?

A: My research program is focused upon the prevention and treatment of obesity and related comorbidities, and also upon dietary assessment methodologies (i.e., self-reported methods, dietary biomarkers).


Q: What is one of your professional or personal qualities that has contributed to your success?

A: Perseverance.


Q: What advice do you have for today's junior obesity researchers?

A: The research funding climate is very tough these days, so it can be difficult to continue efforts to pursue funding with a low likelihood of success! Finding good mentors is one key to being successful.


Q: What aspects of obesity research are the most exciting to you right now?

A: Identifying ways to better - and more easily - assess dietary intake.


Q: What are your favorite things to do when you're not at work?

A: Spending time with my family outdoors, running, walking with my dog.