Joseph E. Donnelly

Joseph E. Donnelly


Here are some questions and answers from our interview with TOS Fellow Joseph E. Donnelly, EdD, FTOS, Professor and Director for the Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management and the Energy Balance Laboratory at the University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of Kansas-Lawrence.


Q: What is your title and organizational affiliation?

A: I am a Professor and Director at the Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management at the University of Kansas. I am also Director of the Center for Physical Activity, Nutrition and Weight Management at Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City.


Q: Please tell us about your current work and your professional developmental trajectory?

A: I use an energy balance approach to develop interventions to prevent and treat obesity and related comorbid conditions in children and adults. Low cost, low burden evidence-based programs are investigated as well as remote delivery strategies.


Q: What is one of your professional or personal qualities that has contributed to your success?

A: Persistence


Q: What advice do you have for today's junior obesity researchers?

A: Don't turn down work. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Persistence and persistence alone is omnipotent.


Q: What aspects of obesity research are the most exciting to you right now?

A: Use of the energy balance approach as a guide for new research studies. Remote delivery of interventions.


Q: What are your favorite things to do when you're not at work?

A: Hunt, Farm and Construction