Potential Contributors to Obesity

Potential Contributors to Obesity Infographic

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The infographic is intended to represent the complexity of potential contributors to obesity by highlighting the breadth of topics that have been considered a question for investigation in the scientific literature. While the infographic is not intended to evaluate whether these are or are not contributors, or their relative importance, we hope it will broaden the public dialogue and stimulate ongoing research. We hope you will consider including this in your presentations and sharing on your social media channels. All we ask is that you do not modify it and that you fully attribute it to The Obesity Society (TOS).

The infographic is intended to:

  • Broaden the conversation about what may contribute to obesity beyond being seen by the general public, policymakers and professional audiences as a condition that is largely determined by inadequate personal behavioral decisions (willpower) over diet and exercise.
  • Depict a wide range of “potential” influences and/or contributors in the development and or maintenance of obesity. One or several may be relevant to any individual.
  • Show a graphic representation of contributors that have been put forth in the research literature as a question of investigation.
  • Offer a fluid tool that evolves with TOS Member input over time (under the guidance of the Task Force).

The infographic is not intended to:

  • Be a verification of whether or not, or the extent to which, each area may or may not contribute to obesity.

We need your input for future versions

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This version of the infographic was developed by the TOS Infographic Education Task Force and was launched as VERSION 1 in November 2015. Your feedback will be reviewed by the Task Force and considered for inclusion in future versions annually (at minimum). Please understand that responses to each individual's suggestions will not be possible.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.