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April 2010
Abstract Deadline Nears
Obesity 2010 Registration
Bylaws Amendments
HealthCare Reform
Virtual Mentor Confronts Obesity
Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
Surgeon General's Call to Action
NIH Funding Opportunities
Healthy Schools Act
Year in Review
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TOS Members and Obesity in the News
Pharmacotherapy Update
This Month in OBESITY
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Obesity 2010


April 7-10, 2010::
The Society for Adolescent Medicine's Annual Conference 
Toronto Ontario, Canada 
Full Details
April 7-10, 2010::
31st Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM), Behavioral Medicine: Building for the Future
Seattle, Washington
Full Details
April 12-17, 2010:: 
Keystone Symposia: Islet Biology & Diabetes
Whistler, British Columbia
April 15-16, 2010::
USC Childhood Obesity Research Center: Childhood Obesity Symposium
Los Angeles, CA
April 20-22, 2010::
American Association of Diabetes Educators: Core Concepts - Seminar on Diabetes and Diabetes Self-Management
Chicago, IL 
Full Details
April 20-22, 2010::
Experimental Biology 2010- Today's Research Tomorrow's Health
Anaheim, CA
April 26-30, 2010::
Keystone Symposia: Developmental Origins and Epigenesis in Human Health and Disease
April 28 - May 1, 2010::
Society of General Internal Medicine 33rd Annual Meeting
Minneapolis, MN

ICO 2010

CON Student Meeting 
European Obesity Day Logo 
Recognizing the Voice of Obese & Overweight Patients
Targeted for MDs, NPs, CNMs, PAs, RNs and Dietitians from family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics and women's health settings, this national conference, presented in affiliation with The Obesity Society and the Centers for Obesity Research and Education (CORE), will provide evidence-based, practical information and tools for helping overweight and obese patients lose weight and maintain their weight loss. For details and/or to register contact Contemporary Forums at 800-377-7707 ext. 0 or visit us online at: www.contemporaryforums.com

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Donna Ryan, MDDear TOS Members and Supporters,
Spring has been a particularly busy time for TOS and the field of obesity.  Your Program Committee has been working furiously to plan an exceptional Annual Conference.  Quality content for the meeting comes from you, the leaders in our profession.  Please don't miss the Abstract Submission Deadline, which was extended to April 12.   Also, registration for TOS' 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting is now open so take advantage and register now to receive the early-bird rates. 
TOS Fellows recently voted for Bylaw Amendments that will promote greater participation in the leadership of our Society. This is a positive move as our organization evolves to encourage more involvement and further success.
There's been a great deal of activity around obesity in the news as well. Under the new Healthcare Reform, menu labeling is now Federal Law. The April issue of the ethics journal of the American Medical Association is spotlighting ethics and obesity. The Surgeon General released a call to action to prevent and decrease overweight and obesity. And, both Arena and Orexigen have made crucial advancements with the development of obesity medications. 
Take a few minutes to read about all of these activities and more.

Donna Ryan Signature
Donna H. Ryan, MD
President, The Obesity Society
The Abstract Submission Site for Obesity 2010 Closes April 12!
Send in your abstracts for Obesity 2010, the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society, set to take place in San Diego, CA. The Obesity Society uses a completely online system for abstract submission, review, and publication. All accepted abstracts will be published in print and online.
The final deadline for abstract submission is:
Noon, Eastern Time, April 12, 2010.


 Register Now and Receive the Early-Bird Rate! 
Click here to register for Obesity 2010, the largest and most-comprehensive program in the field of obesity. Obesity 2010 is the event of the year for obesity professionals at all stages of their careers.

 The Bylaws of The Obesity Society have been amended to promote greater participation from our members in the leadership of The Society.  The following amendments have been made to the Bylaws:
  1. International members are eligible to apply to become a Fellow of The Society.
  2. Regular members are able to hold office and vote for constitutional changes.
  3. The title of the Student/Post-doc Committee has been changed to the Early-Career Investigator Committee.
  4. Section leadership structure is defined as (at least) a Chair and a Chair-Elect, each to serve for at least one year with the Chair-Elect becoming Chair the following year.
 The revised Bylaws have been approved by vote of the Fellows of The Obesity Society. 
Please address any questions or concerns regarding this new structure to Sadie Campbell, Governance and Executive Assistant at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


 Menu Labeling Is Now Federal Law
President Obama signed FD HR 3590 Tuesday, March 23, enacting sweeping healthcare reform legislation. Section 4205 of the healthcare bill, Nutrition Labeling of Standard Menu Items at Chain Restaurants, requires that calories be listed on chain restaurant menus, menu boards, and drive-through displays, as well as on vending machines, nationwide.
In its April release, Virtual Mentor, the online ethics journal of the American Medical Association will post a theme issue entitled "Medical Ethics Confronts Obesity." It will address important concerns such as obesity, patient care and societal bias towards obese persons. Articles from TOS members will also be featured in the issue.

Virtual Mentor is recognized for addressing ethics in the medical community and it has turned its attention to this important issue within our society. The journal goes beyond obesity research and discusses issues concerning the treatment of obese persons overall; whether in the examination room, in the media or in everyday life.

The issue will be available at Virtual Mentor's website beginning in April. 

Visit www.virtualmentor.org

 More than 100 co-sponsors, including more than 20 Energy and Commerce Committee Members
Childhood obesity is one of the greatest threats to the future of the United States of America. Dedicating at least one month out of each year to bring awareness to the issue of childhood obesity will help maximize the effect of programming, messaging and campaigns - all aligned with the sole purpose of eradicating childhood obesity. The Obesity Society strongly urges others to join in support of H. Res 996.

Click here for more information, including the resolution text.
Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity in the US
TOS would like to remind its readers that the Surgeon General has recognized that overweight and obesity has increased for both genders and across all races, ethnic and age groups, and that disparities exist. In an effort to prevent obesity from reversing many of the health gains achieved in the US, the Surgeon General has put out a call to action.
The report, entitled "The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity," outlines strategies that communities can take in helping to address the problem.  

Click here for more information, including a press release, fact sheets, and overview of the report.
The National Institutes of Health would like to announce two new opportunities for researchers to apply for funding through their organization. Both call for research concerning home and family-based approaches to the prevention and/or management of overweight and obesity in early childhood.
Follow the links below for additional information:
Important Developments Highlighted
In February, we highlighted the Healthy Schools Act that was proposed in December to the DC Council and was being implemented into the DC Public Schools system. Cooperation with stakeholders in the cause has produced a multitude of important developments in the plan.  
Some of the major developments include but are not limited to:
(1) Full support of  the first lady's nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity and the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge, meaning all public and charter schools would serve food that meets the USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge standards by August 2010
(2) Focus on increasing the quality of food that is served in school lunchrooms so that it meets the IOM nutritional recommendations and the HealthierUS serving requirements
(3) Additional local reimbursement for school meals
(4) A central facility for the storing, processing and preparation of healthy and nutritious meals as well as nutrition education programs, and job training programs for both students and other District residents
(5) The council is committed to finding funds to support the legislation

Corporate Advisory Council Meets in May 
The Obesity Society is hosting a Corporate Advisory Committee meeting in Chicago on May 20, 2010. A portion of the meeting will be dedicated to a "Year in Review." The session is to feature three leading obesity experts.  Topics that will be covered include the "Top 10 Discoveries in Biology of Obesity," the "Top 10 Events in Clinical Research in Obesity" and  the "Top 10 Moments in the Socio-Political Environment Affecting Obesity."  The event should open the door to expert opinions and trigger interesting discussion amongst leading players in the field.
The remainder of the meeting will be focused on brainstorming about a project that will benefit the entire obesity field.
Sections are a great way to become involved in TOS. Section web pages have been established and are now live on the TOS website. Please visit the pages to learn about each Section's activities, leadership, purpose and goals.  

Want to know which issues are hot in the obesity field? Find out from the experts themselves. TOS has recently added to the News page a special section titled 'Blogspot', which features the leading blogs on obesity information.

  Here is a round-up of press articles that refer to The Obesity Society and its members or to topics relating to obesity in general. Please note that all external links are provided as a courtesy and are do not constitute an endorsement by The Obesity Society.
 TOS and TOS Members in the News 
Obesity Journal in the News 
Obesity in the News
 Arena's Lorcaserin Program's Recent Developments
Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. New Drug Application (NDA) for lorcaserin, Arena's internally discovered and developed drug candidate for weight management, including weight loss and maintenance of weight loss, has been accepted for filing by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial program, BLOOM and BLOSSOM, evaluated nearly 7,200 patients treated for up to two years. In both trials, lorcaserin produced statistically significant weight loss with excellent safety and tolerability.
Orexigen Therapeutics Submits Contrave New Drug Application to FDA for the Treatment of Obesity  

 Orexigen® Therapeutics, Inc. announced that the Company has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Contrave®, its investigational drug for the treatment of obesity. The NDA is based on a substantial body of evidence gathered through the Contrave Obesity Research (COR) clinical program, which included over 4,500 patients.  "We believe that if approved, Contrave has the potential to serve the diverse needs of obese patients who currently have few treatment options," said Mike Narachi, President and CEO of Orexigen.
Learn more 


Featured Articles in Obesity This Month Include:
Weight Bias in Evaluating Political Subjects 

Francesca Dea END NOTE ... FROM THE EVP

 Increasing TOS' Voice - Sharing Our Members' Expertise
Let's Move, National Childhood Obesity Month and the Partnership for a Healthier America are three recent initiatives among many that are sprouting like flowers in spring.  All such initiatives are bringing the field of obesity to prominence among thought leaders and the public.  The Obesity Society is working hard to ensure that we will have a voice in the development and implementation of significant obesity programs.
TOS has written multiple letters to Michelle Obama, Dr. Regina Benjamin and other leaders involved with the Let's Move campaign in an effort to introduce the organization and offer our members' expertise. An application was submitted for membership in the Partnership for a Healthier America - an organization that will play a significant role in the Let's Move campaign. Additionally, the Pediatric Section responded to a request for information from the Department of Agriculture seeking comments on four specific areas:  ensuring access to healthy, affordable food; increasing physical activity in schools and communities; providing healthier food in schools; and empowering parents with information and tools to make good choices for themselves and their families.

TOS has supported H. Res 996 designating September as National Childhood Obesity Month since Congresswoman Fudge first introduced the idea and sought endorsements.  As a result, we have a seat on the National Council of Childhood Obesity Month along with representatives from nearly 100 organizations such as the American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association and the Obesity Action Coalition.
Furthering our efforts to be heard, at the recommendation of the Advocacy Committee, TOS has employed a consultant who works with the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) - Chris Gallagher. Mr. Gallagher is the President of Potomac Currents, a boutique public policy firm.  He will assist with setting up a TOS/OAC Hill Briefing, arrange Hill visit days for TOS leaders, allow TOS to utilize OAC's grassroots outreach software and engage in other activities to help maximize Hill efforts to educate legislators and regulators. 
TOS is committed to advancing policy changes that address the current epidemic of obesity. Our advocacy program has three leading objectives: to assist in the development of programs designed to prevent obesity; to ensure patients have access to quality medical care for obesity treatment; and to increase funding of obesity research.   In these and other efforts to fulfill this commitment, TOS will have a louder voice and members' work will have a greater impact on society.

 Dea Signature
Francesca Dea, CAE
Executive Vice President, The Obesity Society
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