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February 2011
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I'm pleased to bring you news of our 2011 annual meeting, Obesity 2011, as preparations get underway on several fronts.
The Annual Program Committee convened January 27 and 28, during some very difficult weather circumstances, to begin the development of the schedule for our 2011 annual meeting. Despite power outages and no heat for much of the first day, the committee came up with a fully conceptualized and exciting framework for the meeting. Over the course of the two days, the committee discussed overarching themes and topical topics (many based on suggestions submitted by members) and came up with a roster of potential speakers to invite to Orlando in October. The committee also slightly revised the content base of the tracks and defined each one, as you will see in the article from the program committee chairs below.
In other annual  meeting news, the Abstract Submission site for Obesity 2011 is scheduled to open February 11, 2011. Your participation will help build an exciting meeting and bring attention to important topics in obesity research and clinical practice.  As in previous years, there will be opportunities for oral and poster presentations of your work.  We also anticipate a Late-Breaking Abstract submission date reserved for select high-impact, new findings.
Other changes at Obesity 2011: This year we are offering a volunteer opportunity for students, residents and post-docs at the meeting, in exchange for a reduced registration fee. (See below for details.) We are also making some changes to the registration fee structure based on recommendations from the Finance Committee and the Membership Committee.  These include a new rate for RDs RNs, MPs, and PAs and a new opportunity for Lab Techs to attend the meeting. These changes are discussed in detail below.

I'd also like to ask you to please consider joining the new Basic Science Section (BSS) to support and promote basic scientific efforts within our organization.  Basic science  opportunities at the meeting are currently being evaluated but include potential development of a pre-meeting workshop and a "movie night" networking activity.


Best Regards,


Jennifer Lovejoy Signature



Jennifer C. Lovejoy, PhD

President, The Obesity Society


Annual Scientific Meeting Volunteer Opportunity


The Obesity Society (TOS) has created an opportunity for Students, Residents and Post-Docs to volunteer their time at the Annual Scientific Meeting in exchange for a significantly reduced registration fee.


How the Program Works

Students, Residents and Post-docs are currently in one registration category offered a reduced registration rate.  For a further discount, they can opt to volunteer six hours of their time during the Obesity Society (TOS) annual meeting to serve as room monitors during meeting sessions and section meetings.  The volunteer events are in 2-hour timeslots and can be spread throughout the meeting. 


Volunteers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the openings are all filled.  Once the Schedule of Events is finalized, it will be sent to all volunteers.  They will have the chance to sign up to work whichever events they choose, again on a first-come, first-served basis.  If their choices are no longer available, events/duties will be randomly assigned. 


During the registration process, an individual who chooses to volunteer will need to sign an Agreement Form committing to volunteer for the full six hours of their service.  The form requires a valid credit card to be held on file and the volunteer to sign a statement recognizing that if they do not fulfill their assigned duties as a volunteer, their credit card will be charged immediately for the discounted amount.


Once assignments are complete, specific instructions on which assigments and about where to report will be emailed to all volunteers in advance of the annual meeting.  Instructions will also be available at the Registration Desk at the volunteer's request.  It is the volunteer's responsibility to make sure they have the instructions and their assignments.  On site, the volunteer will be expected to arrive at the assigned events on time and prepared to work the full 2-hour period (unless otherwise instructed).  TOS staff will check on all volunteer assignments to confirm fulfillment.  Any volunteer who is not at the assigned location (or has not made previous arrangements) will automatically be charged for the discounted amount.  It is the responsibility of the volunteer to bring any questions or problems to the attention of TOS staff in advance of the assignment.


Proof of Eligibility

Students, residents and post-docs will need to provide documentation from their institution stating their current status. 


Proposed Volunteer Positions for Obesity 2011

TOS needs room monitors at every session and various random events.  There are a total of 80, 2-hour eventsTOS will offer a $100 discount from the reduced registration rate in exchange for six hours of volunteer time commitment.  That means there are 30 openings for volunteers.


Further details will be provided at a later date. 


New Registration Recommendations

for Obesity 2011


The Finance Committee looked at several scenarios for registration fees and categories for the 2011 annual meeting.  They considered all the requests for reduced registrations and for other opportunities.  


Changes and Benefits for Obesity 2011

  • One-day pass will be extended to all pre-con attendees as well as poster presenters on the day they present their posters.
  • New category for RNs, RDs, NPs, PAs with reduced conference rates
  • Lab Techs will be included in the RD/RN category.  Their classification will be called Research Support Staff to include Lab Techs and the various equivalents for the clinical side.  They will need to submit a form signed by their supervisor verifying their eligibility.
  • Volunteers would receive an additional $100 discount from the student/resident rate. 
  • Post-Docs will receive the student rate.


Recommended 2011 Rates 









1-Day Pass




New Member












RD/RN/PA/NP/Lab Techs













 Note: All rates shown in US Dollars

Changes to Scientific Tracks and Track Definitions for Abstract Submission and Obesity 2011


We are happy to provide information on the upcoming 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society (TOS), set to take place October 1-5, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. The Annual Program Committee met despite the snow storm and are excited about this year's program.  We would like to make you aware of some changes to the tracks that will impact where you should submit your abstracts for consideration. In particular, note the reorganizations of Tracks 1 and 2 to provide a dedicated neuroscience research track.


 Please forward this information to any colleagues who have not attended the TOS meeting before or who are not TOS members.  As in previous years, there will be opportunities for oral and poster presentations of your work.  Select sessions will include a mix of long talks from high-impact speakers, as well as short talks selected from abstract submissions. 


Abstract submissions will commence February 11, at this site: http://tos2011.abstractcentral.com/index.jsp. There will, of course, be links available on the Society's website at: www.obesity.org.


We also anticipate a Late-Breaking Abstract submission date in the Summer reserved for select high-impact, new findings.  


2011 TOS Scientific Tracks


Track 1:  Metabolism and Integrative Physiology

This track will encompass basic science as well as mechanistic human studies of metabolism and physiology relevant to obesity. Topics areas will include inflammation, adipogenesis, nutrient metabolism, thermogenesis, and the physiology of nutrient excess. 


Track 2:  Neuroscience

This track will focus exclusively on the neuroscience of obesity. Topic areas will include central control of satiety and energy metabolism, leptin biology, hormonal signaling in the brain, neural imaging, neural development, and neuropeptides.


Track 3:  Intervention and Clinical Studies

Track 3 is composed of experimental studies, intervention trials and clinic-based outcomes research on topics relevant to obesity and its consequences in children and adults.  


Track 4:  Population Health and Policy

Track 4 includes observational (descriptive, cross-sectional, and longitudinal) population-based research on the environmental, lifestyle, psychosocial, and genetic causes and consequences of obesity among children and adolescents. Policy-based research is also included in this track.


Track 5:  Clinical Practice (No Abstracts for This Track)

This track will provide an update on the latest guidelines and a forum to discuss current controversies important to clinical obesity practitioners.


We look forward to seeing you all in October! 


Timothy Church, MD, MPH, PhD           Carey Lumeng, MD, PhD

Chair,                                             Co-Chair,

Annual Program Committee                  Annual Program Committee



Call for Abstracts: Obesity 2011

Now Open! 

Obesity 2011 call for abstracts is now open! Accepted abstracts will be presented at the Annual Meeting as oral presentations or as posters. The Call for Abstracts website will close on March 23, 2011. Visit www.obesity.org to find details on how to submit your abstract.

TOS Leads Obesity Community on Reaching Out to Key Policymakers


During January, TOS President-Elect Patrick O'Neil, Advocacy Task Force Chair Ted Kyle and Executive Director Francesca Dea joined with other representatives from the obesity community (Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), American Dietetic Association (ADA), and American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)) in meeting with Congressional staff for Republican Members of Congress who now have leadership roles on key Congressional health care committees.  The group educated Hill staff regarding issues that the obesity community has with the "Safeway Amendment" pertaining to employer wellness incentive programs and how these programs are adversely affecting workers with obesity. Staff also learned about our efforts to secure obesity treatment services under the essential benefit package for the new health exchange plans.


Those offices that were visited included: Representative David Camp (R-MI), Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee; Representative Fred Upton (R-MI), Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee; Representative Wally Herger (R-CA), Chair of the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee; Representative Joe Pitts (R-PA), Chair of the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee; and Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA), member of the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee.


Following the adage that "all politics is local," Dr. O'Neil also arranged visits with Hill staff from the South Carolina Delegation that included Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Representatives Joe Wilson (R-SC), Tim Scott (R-SC), and James Clyburn (D-SC).

Dr. O'Neil also led a group to meet with staff with the Southern Governors Association (SGA). Founded in 1934, the SGA supports the work of Southern Governors by providing a bipartisan, regional forum to help shape and implement national policy and solve regional problems. The goal of these meetings was to establish connections with health policy leaders in the southern states where the obesity epidemic is most prevalent. 

Link to SGA: http://www.southerngovernors.org/

Obesity Community Testifies Regarding Essential Nature of Obesity Treatments Before IOM Panel


On January 14, 2011, ASMBS President Bruce Wolfe testified during a three-day public meeting held by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) regarding essential health benefits that may be included under state-based health insurance exchange plans.  Dr. Wolfe, who provided testimony on behalf of the ASMBS, Obesity Action Coalition and The Obesity Society, presented a strong case regarding the essential nature of a comprehensive treatment approach for those affected by obesity.


At the request of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), the IOM is undertaking a study that will make recommendations on the criteria and methods for determining and updating the essential health benefits package. The Institute will not define specific service elements of the benefit package. Instead, the IOM will review how insurers determine covered benefits and medical necessity and will provide guidance on the policy principles and criteria for the Secretary to take into account when examining Qualified Health Plans for appropriate balance among categories of care; the health care needs of diverse segments of the population; and nondiscrimination based on age, disability, or expected length of life.


As the majority of panelists were limited to five minutes for their public statements, Dr. Wolfe urged the IOM committee members to focus on the following key considerations: (1) Obesity is a life-threatening disease associated with multiple comorbidities; (2) Behavioral, medical and surgical treatments are effective for obesity, resulting in prevention of obesity-related events including death, cardiovascular disease and cancer; and (3) Access to prevention and treatment is severely limited.

TOS Coordinates Joint Letter to FDA Regarding Agency's Daunting Hurdles for Obesity Drugs


On January 14, 2001, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) joined with TOS in issuing a joint letter to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Administrator Margaret Hamburg regarding recent FDA activity surrounding review and approval of current and pending drugs to treat obesity. Specifically, the four groups expressed their concern over the perception by many obesity researchers that in reviewing and approving new obesity treatments, the FDA has set up daunting regulatory hurdles unlike those that face new medications for any other disease.


As a follow-up to the January 14 letter, TOS, OAC, AACE, ASMBS and the American Dietetic Association are close to finalizing a March meeting with Janet Woodcock, MD, Director of FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.


Renew Your Membership Today


The time to renew is now! Renew your membership online today and let us continue to work as a team to promote the interdisciplinary nature of obesity research and education. Don't risk a lapse in your membership benefits. Continue to be a part of a community of obesity professionals dedicated to researching the causes, treatment and prevention of obesity.   

Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Launches 2011 Membership Drive


The OAC is kicking off its 2011 Membership Drive. The OAC is growing its membership and has set a goal to reach 50,000 members to have a strong voice and really make an impact.

To learn more about their membership drive or join OAC.

 IASO Stock Conference 2011

The International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO) will be hosting the 9th Stock Conference in Budapest, Hungary from November 10th to 13th.

The aim of the Stock meetings is to bring together world leading experts to discuss a focused topic related to obesity. This years meeting will focus on the topic of Obesity: Lessons from Evolution and the Environment.

Registration for this event is now open.

Join the Basic Science Section!

If you are a basic scientist please consider joining the new Basic Science Section (BSS). The purpose of the Section is to support and promote basic scientific efforts to understand the causes and complications of obesity and to identify mechanisms that lead to its prevention or cure.

It was decided to hold a "Pre-meeting Methods Workshop(s)" during the next TOS annual meeting and we would welcome your suggestions for basic science Methods Workshops.  We also plan to host a Movies night(s) during the next TOS annual meeting.  Any excellent movies you can recommend would be welcome, particularly those with relevance to obesity or metabolic health.

Communicate ideas to Sadie Campbell
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by September 1.

END NOTE: Our New Website Launchedfrancesca_dea_2


As you are all aware, we have been working on a rebranding project for more than a year that began with a new logo and tagline.  We've also been using the new logo, tagline and color theme throughout TOS promotional materials for membership, programs, etc.  The last, and most complex phase of the project was to redesign the website.  And I'm pleased to announce that the new website went live on January 21st! 

The new website is a clean look that carries out brand.  Prominently pictured in the top left corner are rotating highlights of what's happening with TOS now.  Below the highlights is a constant news feed with articles in which TOS is quoted and others that have a significance to the field of obesity.  Visitors have two ways to search the website: One, by category on the toolbar across the top; and two, by audience using the buttons in the very top right.  Along the right scroll bar are opportunities to join, your member login or search by topic.  We've also added a new and Improved job site for companies to post positions that we will be promoting over the next months.  You may notice a button to donate - that is because TOS gets calls weekly from consumers who want to support our efforts so we've made it a bit easier. 

Our website also features our new News center that contains a media library, all TOS press releases and internal, external and journal news. Our publications section will allow you to view TOS position statements, newsletters and learn more about Obesity, the office journal of The Obesity SocietyDue to The Obesity Society's dedication to disseminating knowledge in the field of obesity and providing quality education about obesity for its members and other interested individuals and groups our new site highlights our workshops, accreditation and CME's available at Obesity 2011.

 Coming in the next several months we will launch the long-awaited Clinician Directory.  And, you will notice new and fresh content being added throughout the year.  Lastly, we will be exploring a possible blog site for all visitors and listserves for members of each of our Sections.

Please take a few minutes to browse the new site, www.obesity.org.   I think you will all be pleased. 





Francesca M. Dea, CAE

Executive Director, The Obesity Society

THIS MONTH IN OBESITYObesity February 2011
Febrarury 2011


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Here is a round-up of press articles that refer to The Obesity Society and its members or to topics relating to obesity in general. Please note that all external links are provided as a courtesy and do not constitute an endorsement by The Obesity Society.


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