February 2014 - Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,


Thanks for taking the time today to check out the latest news from The Obesity Society (TOS). In addition to reading our eNewsletter, we hope you’re also regularly sharing news and information about obesity in your Facebook status updates, your Twitter posts and on your LinkedIn pages and groups.


You may have noticed that TOS has been working hard to reach and engage with an even larger audience, and connecting on social media is key to our efforts. During the past year, we’ve increased our connections by 5,600 – that’s a more than 56% increase in just one year! We’ve also expanded onto new platforms, including Instagram, and are exploring other ways to better connect through social communities.


Here’s a general break down of some of the audiences we’re connecting with (and you can connect with them too by posting to our pages!):


  • TOS members (and their places of work) – the leading scientists, clinicians and physicians in obesity prevention and treatment
  • Public health interest groups – other health-focused groups working to support our efforts to improve the lives of those affected by obesity
  • Medical weight management and behavioral therapy – clinical practices, hospitals and corporations
  • Nutrition and fitness practices & corporations
  • Individuals – consumers with an interest in the latest in obesity, weight loss, nutrition & fitness
  • Health media – the reporters and news outlets covering health and keeping up with the latest trends in our field


Across the obesity community, people are leveraging social media platforms - and recreating them - to support obesity treatment, which research shows can be an effective strategy. At ObesityWeekTM 2013 new research was presented by Tricia Leahey, PhD, of Brown Medical School, that showed online social interactions can help facilitate weight loss by 3 to 5 percent (read more about this research in our press release here). TOS’s eHealth/mHealth Section recently launched a new LinkedIn group with a focus exploring these emerging technologies. And, even the National Institutes of Health is getting involved; they’ve recently launched a research funding opportunity aimed at leveraging mobile and wireless technologies to reach potential study participants.


As you’re reviewing these opportunities, we ask that you also show your support for TOS by connecting with us on social media (if you haven’t already):



You can also help us take the message one step further by simply sharing your thoughts on various topics through comments on our Facebook page, re-tweeting our tweets and posting to our LinkedIn group. We look forward to continuing to engage with you on social media and working together to share information about obesity far and wide.




Francesca M. Dea

Executive Director

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