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January 2010
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January 6, 2010
PESI Healthcare: Weight Loss Coaching - Real Results
San Diego, CA
Full Details
January 9-14, 2010
Keystone Symposia: Triglycerides and Triglyceride-Rich Particles in Health and Disease
Big Sky, Montana
Full Details

January 22 - 25, 2010
Sanibel Conference on Mass Spectrometry, From Structural Biology to Drug Discovery: New Roles for Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids
St. Pete Beach, Florida
Full Details
January 24 - 29, 2010 Keystone Symposia: Adipose Tissue Biology & Neuronal Control of Appetite, Metabolism and Weight
Keystone, Colorado
Full Details

January 28, 2010
Centre for Parliamentary Studies: Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Migrants: Developing a Comprehensive EU-Wide Strategy
Brussels, Belgium
Full Details

January 28-30, 2010
1st International Congress on Abdominal Obesity: Bridging the Gap Between Cardiology and Diabetology
Hong Kong, China
Full Details

CORE Pic for November Newsletter 

Targeted for MDs, NPs, CNMs, PAs, RNs and Dietitians from family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics and women's health settings, this national conference, presented in affiliation with The Obesity Society and the Centers for Obesity Research and Education (CORE), will provide evidence-based, practical information and tools for helping overweight and obese patients lose weight and maintain their weight loss. For details and/or to register contact Contemporary Forums at 800-377-7707 ext. 0 or visit us online at www.contemporaryforums.com
  fact or Fiction?
Donna Ryan, MDDear Society Members,

With all that the New Year brings, the messages can be quite confusing. Think about, 'Out with the old and in with the new!' for example. It's easy to appreciate the "new." We can look forward to a new year, new challenges, a chance to make up for past mistakes and to build for the future. Our strategic plan gives us the direction on how we need to build the society. Build our membership. Build our funding so that we can grow. Build our advocacy and work to help more people suffering from obesity. By strengthening our membership we can achieve all of this if we are committed enough and work together. We are working on a new membership database that will provide a better infrastructure to support our members. With the database will also come new communication tools that will enable members to reach out to each other more easily and engage more community spirit?

But is it wise to jettison the "old"? Rather we should build on our past achievements, good and not so good, and adapt them to make our future. We don't throw out the old database, we take the important information and mold it to serve us better in the future. We take past annual scientific meetings and learn from their lessons to improve future meetings to provide a better experience for attendees. We are strong because of our combined heritage as a society. For 28 years we've been working together to accomplish our mission and we should be proud of all that we have accomplished and are going to accomplish in 2010 and beyond. As we move into 2010, let's take a moment to understand why we became members of the society, but don't dwell on the past, think rather about how it can help us create a more successful future for the society.

Happy New Year!
Donna Ryan Signature
Donna H. Ryan, MD
President, The Obesity Society


To Learn and Provide 






For professional societies today, relevance alone isn't enough.  A society must also have a meaningful impact on its members' lives to be valuable.  The challenge is identifying what a society can do to provide that meaningful impact and value.


We are committed to improving your experience with TOS and increasing the value of your membership. To accomplish this we are taking steps to learn more about what you want. Our first step is to transfer our membership operations to a new database system that provides us with the ability to more effectively maintain profile information about our members.  This thorough profile information will enable us to more accurately target programs, surveys, grants and other communications to better serve the needs of each individual member.  The second step we are taking is to learn about our members by fielding a survey asking members about their wants and needs.  You should receive the survey in early 2010 and we encourage you to take the time to fill it out and help us help you.


The next stage that has a meaningful impact for our members will be to provide benefits based on what we've learned.  The first thing we'll do is target our marketing efforts so you will learn about benefits and issues relevant to you (and eliminate the irrelevant) making our communication more effective.  Then we will hone our program development to meet expectations identified from the survey.  Finally, we will continually evaluate our progress with brief surveys, evaluations and other feedback opportunities so we can exceed expectations. 


Our goal is to create an exceptional membership experience based on TOS' ability to offer meaningful impact and value. Let's all have a successful 2010.


Warm Regards,
 Dea Signature
Francesca Dea
Executive Vice President, The Obesity Society


Send in Your Proposals by January 8, 2010 Deadline
The Obesity Society Annual Meeting Program Committee is now accepting proposals for scientific sessions at Obesity 2010, the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society. Please read the guidelines and instructions for submission. 
The deadline for submission is 12:00 pm EST, January 8, 2010. 
CBS News Reports: "Where America Stands on Obesity"
CBS News to Highlight Obesity in its Special Series: "Where America Stands" on Thursday, January 7th, 2010


CBS News Reports will feature a special report on the subject of obesity in America in its new series: "Where America Stands," on Thursday, January 7th, 2010.  CBS producer Seth Doane writes the following introduction to the program, which also features TOS member Kelly Brownell:

The statistics are startling. As many of you know, sixty-seven percent of Americans are now overweight or obese. In the last thirty years, adult obesity rates have ballooned from fifteen percent in 1980 to thirty-four percent in 2006. Meanwhile, rates of obesity among children have more than tripled.


It's a growing problem that CBS News thought was important to highlight in our special series, "Where America Stands." As you'll see in my report on "The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric," I traveled the country from Connecticut to California and from Texas to Michigan to look at the factors contributing to the epidemic and explore possible solutions. We thought it was important to canvass the country to gauge the problem and put a human face on the issue. We found a number of obstacles that prevented healthy lifestyles and made poor nutrition choices the norm. 


At Yale University author and researcher Kelly Brownell, who is also an Obesity Society member, told us he'd give the country the grade of "F" when it comes to fighting obesity saying, "We are a very heavy nation and the problem is getting worse." Brownell added, however, that there are promising signs that the country may finally be ready to tackle this problem.


Brownell likens the battle against obesity to the fight against tobacco. While there has been progress made in the fight against tobacco (including taxes, public education, and restrictions on advertising) the fight against obesity continues.


In Houston, Texas, cardiologist John Higgins of Memorial Hermann Hospital led me through a screening of middle school students.  The results revealed heart conditions and hypertension at levels much more common in adults.


And in Michigan, we hear the heart-wrenching tale of families who are battling obesity. "Where America Stands" will look to dissect this nearly $150 billion dollar burden to our healthcare system and examine the effort to find solutions for this epidemic which affects so many of us.


Please tune in to "The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" on Thursday January 7th, 2010. Instead of increasing our waistlines in this new decade, let's see if we can increase awareness.

--Seth Doane
 Producer, CBS News
We've recently added the following two sections to our website: 
The Video Resources page hosts informational and educational videos on a wide range of topics surrounding obesity, including weight management and healthy lifestyle behaviors.
Two NEW Videos Posted Recently:

Controlling the Boomer Belly: Robert Lipsyte, an Emmy winner and former New York Times columnist, hosts a roundtable discussion with TOS experts; discussion involves how the body changes during middle age, and advice to staying healthy during these changes.
Preventing Holiday Weight Gain: TOS expert, Dr. Martin Binks, provides helpful tips on managing weight during the holiday season and beyond.
Early-Career Investigators

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are an integral part of The Obesity Society and comprise the next generation of researchers. The Early-Career Investigator committee is dedicated to fostering the career growth of early-career investigators through forming contacts with other junior researchers, and promoting relationships with senior researchers in related areas of interest.  If you are an early-career investigator or know of someone who might be interested, feel free to take advantage of the resources available in this section of the TOS website.

Here is a round-up of press articles that refer to The Obesity Society and its members or to topics relating to obesity in general. Please note that all external links are provided as a courtesy and are not endorsed by The Obesity Society. 
TOS and TOS Members in the News
Top Reasons Those 'Get Fit' Resolutions Don't Stick
Report: Tax Snacks to Raise Money for Obesity Prevention
Vending Machines with Healthier Choices a Positive Step in the Obesity Battle
Menu Labels Spur Diners to Trim Calories
Carrots, Sticks and Health Care Reform - Problems with Wellness Incentives


Featured Articles in Obesity This Month Include:
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