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July 2010
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Late-Breaking Abstract Submission Site Opening Soon
2010 Award Winners Announced
Ethan Sims Finalists Announced
CORE Pre-Conference Seminar
Memberclicks Update
Americans Favor Laws that Prohibit Weight Discrimination
TOS Members and Obesity in the News
CDC Report on Building Healthy Places
WMDPG Call for Education Sessions
Online Meal Planning Program for Kids
This Month in OBESITY
END NOTE ... New Brain Peptide Abolishes the "Munchies"


Obesity 2010


July 11-15, 2010::
11th International Congress on Obesity (ICO 2010)
Stockholm, Sweden
Full Details
July 12-16, 2010::
32nd Annual Aspen Conference on Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease
Aspen, CO
Full Details
July 18-21, 2010::
Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, 2010 Annual Meeting
Toronto, ON Canada
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July 20-21, 2010::
CBI's 6th Annual Obesity and Diabetes Drug Development Summit
Arlington, VA
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August 4-7, 2010::
American Association of Diabetes Educators 37th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
San Antonio, Texas
August 31-September 10, 2010::
International Course in Nutritional Epidemiology (2nd ed.)
Imperial College, London
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ICO 2010
With five successful years of being the number one place to hear latest market conditions and opportunities in the obesity and diabetes marketplace, the summit also examines current thinking on reimbursement, FDA criteria for drug approval, the progress of the late and early stage anti-obesity medications, the latest novel preclinical and clinical data for obesity and diabetes drug development and the importance of visceral obesity in cardiometabolic risk and the role of pharmacotherapy. 
Visit: www.cbinet.com/obesity or call 339-298-2100. Mention Promo Code:TPP543 and Save $300*
Donna Ryan, MDDear TOS Members and Supporters,
One of the most pleasant responsibilities of the Obesity Society's President is to be able, on behalf of the society, recognize members and colleagues for their body of work. The Obesity Society's awards and grants programs recognize specific research achievements and major contributions to the basic science, treatment and prevention of obesity. 
While the 2010 Awards will be presented in person at Obesity 2010, we are honored and delighted to announce the 2010 Award Winners and Ethan Sims Young Investigator Award Finalists in this issue of the newsletter. I thank Bob Kushner, as chair, and the entire Awards Committee for their diligence and hard work during the selection process.
Our awards recognize a distinguished level of achievement in the careers of the recipients and also within our society. To me, they represent more than just the individual achievement. They are an embodiment of what we should strive to achieve as members of the society.  They represent the values, ethics, and excellence of everything we do within the society's activities during the year.  That these awards have such a sought-after status within our profession adds to the value and standing of the society and its members among our peers.
So, please join with me in congratulating our 2010 award winners. I look forward to honoring the recipients personally at Obesity 2010 this October.

Donna Ryan Signature
Donna H. Ryan, MD
President, The Obesity Society
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Click here to register for Obesity 2010, the largest and most-comprehensive program in the field of obesity. Plan your time in San Diego at this year's annual meeting with the Advance Program.
 Late-Breaking Abstracts and Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Abstracts Are Soon Being Accepted for Submission to Obesity 2010
Late-Breaking Abstracts present new and high-impact research for which results were not available at the standard abstract deadline. Late-breaking abstracts addressing basic, clinical or population research can be submitted by August 2, 2010 and will be reviewed by each track. Submissions will be accepted starting mid July.
For more information see page 5 of the Advance Program.
Prestigious Awards to Be Presented at Obesity 2010, October 8-12 in San Diego, CA
The Obesity Society is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been selected to receive the society's highest awards for their significant contributions to the field of obesity. Congratulations to all!
2010 George A. Bray Founders Award
Barbara J. Rolls, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University

2010 TOPS Research Achievement Award 
Michael D. Jensen, MD, Mayo Clinic

2010 Lilly Scientific Achievement Award
Penny Gordon-Larsen, MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2010 Mickey Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award
Van Saxton Hubbard, MD, PhD, National Institutes of Health
2010 Atkinson-Stern Award for Distinguished Public Service
Kelly D. Brownell PhD, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University
The Ethan Sims Young Investigator Award recognizes excellence in research by young investigators based on their submitted abstracts and their presentations during the Annual Scientific Meeting. Each finalist receives a travel grant to cover annual meeting expenses. The winner will receive an additional cash prize. Congratulations to this year's five finalists!
Anna Belkina, MD
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA
Susan Carnell, PhD
New York Obesity Research Center
New York, NY
Elisa Fabbrini, MD, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Tuomas Kilpeläinen, PhD
Institute of Metabolic Science
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dong-Hoon Kim, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
One-Day Comprehensive Weight-Management Course for Clinicians

The Centers for Obesity Research and Education (CORE), an educational arm of The Obesity Society, will host a one day pre-conference CME course on Friday, October 8, 2010, to educate clinicians in weight management.
The seminar includes didactic sessions from national leaders in obesity treatment, covering practical topics in clinical obesity management. Attendees will discover the latest treatment options, including behavioral management, diet and physical activity, pharmacotherapy, and surgical treatment, then take a look into the future of obesity treatment. 

For complete program information, please visit www.obesity.org/education/core.asp.
Did You Know?
MemberClicks Fact #2: Update Your Profile 
Did you know that since the implementation of the new MemberClicks database, you can Update your Profile, Join a Section and Access the society's Journal, Obesity
Check out the new system by signing into the Member Center or by logging in from www.obesity.org.
Questions? Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Society members, Rebecca M. Puhl, PhD, and Chelsea A. Heuer, MPH, of Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity recently conducted a study on laws that prohibit weight discrimination. What they found was substantial support for laws that would protect overweight individuals from discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.
To read more on the study, please visit http://www.obesity.org/news/ or read the press release.
  Here is a round-up of press articles that refer to The Obesity Society and its members or to topics relating to obesity in general. Please note that all external links are provided as a courtesy and do not constitute an endorsement by The Obesity Society.
 TOS and TOS Members in the News 
Dr. Gary Foster
Weight Loss Shown to Reduce Snoring & Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Dr. Kelly Brownell
Ms. Natalie The
Big Love: Study Links Romantic Partnership With Obesity 
Dr. Louis Aronne
The Skinny Diet Review 


CDC Report on Designing Communities to Support Good Health

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released in April 2010, illustrates the importance of considering public health factors--such as physical activity, respiratory and mental health, water quality, social equity, healthy aging, and social capital--when creating the built environment. The report is the latest product of CDC's Healthy Community Design Initiative, aimed at combating soaring rates of asthma, diabetes, and obesity by improving the way communities are designed.
The report is a product of an expert workshop, held in Atlanta in September 2009. Moderated by Architectural Record's editor-in-chief, Robert Ivy, the workshop convened experts from academia, architecture, building, development, government, planning, and public health to consider the impact that community design has on health.
  Weight Management: A Lifelong Experience
March 18-20, 2011
The Weight Management Dietary Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) is currently soliciting speakers for their meeting in March of 2011 titled Weight Management: A Lifelong Experience. The symposium will address specific nutrition needs, as well as targeting obesity prevention programs throughout the lifespan, as an integral component of the national conversation around weight management.
Proposals must be completed and emailed by Friday, August 31, 2010 at 12:00 pm (noon) EST.
To learn more about the symposium theme, objectives, audience and review process, please refer to the Speaker RFP form.
Online Interactive Meal-Planning Program for Children
Zisboombah.com is an innovative, online meal-planning program for children and their parents. The site, launched earlier this year, features a drag-and-drop meal-planning tool called "Pick Chow" that allows children to create a well-balanced meal by choosing foods from each of the recommended food groups and then sending it to their parent for approval. If the parent approves the meal, the site then offers healthy recipes and nutritional tips in an effort to help make dinner planning easier and will soon offer coupons to save families time and money. 
To find out more, visit ZisBoomBah at http://www.zisboombah.com.

Obesity July 2010 CoverTHIS MONTH IN OBESITY

Featured Articles in Obesity This Month Include:

The first article in an occasional series from society members. This week, we feature an article written by Dr. Arya Sharma:
New Brain Peptide Abolishes the "Munchies"
AMS Blog
Readers may be well aware that the use of cannabis or "hashish" can induce the "munchies", an acute craving for highly palatable foods.
Now Garron Dodd and colleagues from the University of Manchester, UK, have identified a new brain peptide called hemopressin that acts through cannabinoid receptors to reduce food intake in rats and mice. Their findings are published in the latest edition of the Journal of Neuroscience.
Hemopressin is a short, nine amino acid peptide found in the rat brain that behaves as an inverse agonist at the cannabinoid receptor CB(1), where it inhibits agonist-induced receptor internalization.
In their studies, Dodd and colleagues found that this peptide dose-dependently decreases night-time food intake in normal male rats and mice, as well as in obese ob/ob male mice, when administered centrally or systemically, without any obvious adverse side effects.
Hemopressin specifically blocks the hyperphagic response to CB(1) receptor agonists, while having no effect on eating behaviour in CB(1) receptor null mutant male mice.

Obviously, the discovery of this peptide not only increases our understanding of the complex neurobiology of ingestive behaviour but may also lead the way to new treatments for obesity.

It should however be noted that we have already had potent inhibitors of the CB(1) receptor for the treatment of obesity (readers will recall rimonabant), which were withdrawn from the market due to increased incidence of depression.

Nevertheless, it may well be that endogenous inhibitors of the endocannabinoid system (like hemopressin) may well be better tolerated previous inhibitors of this system.

Perhaps we have not seen the last of our attempts to decrease appetite by blocking the endocannabinoid system just yet.
Edmonton, Alberta
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
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