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March 2010
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First Lady Campaigns Against Childhood Obesity
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Obesity 2010


March 2-4, 2010::
American Association of Diabetes Educators: Core Concepts - Seminar on Diabetes and Diabetes Self-Management
Boston, MA 
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March 2-6, 2010::
American Heart Association: Joint Conference - 50th Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention - and - Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism - 2010
San Francisco, CA
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March 5-6, 2010::
Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: From Assessment to Long-Term Management
Cincinnati, Ohio
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March 12-17, 2010::
Keystone Symposia: Metabolism and Cancer Progression
Vancouver, British Columbia

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March 21-26, 2010::
Keystone Symposia: Nuclear Receptors: Development, Physiology and Disease
Keystone, CO
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March 23, 2010::
American Association for Diabetes Educators Presents: Reimbursement Essentials - Navigating the Maze
Chicago, IL
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Targeted for MDs, NPs, CNMs, PAs, RNs and Dietitians from family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics and women's health settings, this national conference, presented in affiliation with The Obesity Society and the Centers for Obesity Research and Education (CORE), will provide evidence-based, practical information and tools for helping overweight and obese patients lose weight and maintain their weight loss. For details and/or to register contact Contemporary Forums at 800-377-7707 ext. 0 or visit us online at:
Obesity Supplement Cover
Community-Based Approaches to Childhood Obesity: Research Progress and Future Directions
Published with the February 2010 issue of Obesity, this much-anticipated Supplement focuses on the childhood obesity epidemic, covering research on a wide range of community-based weight-loss programs. To encourage the search for an effective solution to this problem, this issue documents the results of recent intervention programs and discusses the future of the field. The featured studies include ones that primarily influence family interactions, food store policies, and television habits, as well as one that uses biosimulation to design and model potential new studies. 
  fact or Fiction?

ICO 2010

CON Student Meeting 

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Donna Ryan, MDDear TOS Members and Supporters,
One of the really unique ways in which our society can set itself apart is through the involvement of its members. TOS began as a small society with a small membership of like-minded (debatable!) individuals. As we've grown, over the past 28 years, we're still small enough for individuality, but one of the most important ways in which you can make the most of your membership and make your voice heard and your thoughts known is to join a section.
Special-interest sections are a vibrant part of The Obesity Society. Each section is self-governed and meets at the annual scientific meeting. They elect their own leadership and represent the interests of the section within TOS. Sections conduct a business meeting at the annual meeting and develop a work plan for Council approval. Section meetings are for the most part lively and well attended and an important part of each annual meeting.
TOS members sign up for section membership when they join the society, but they may change affiliation and they can belong to more than one section. Currently there are sections in the following areas:
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Clinical Management
  • Diversity Promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Services Research
  • Latin American Affairs
  • Obesity and Cancer
  • Pediatric Obesity
  • Prader Willi Syndrome
But, this list is not fixed in stone and, if there is a need and an interest for a new section and enough volunteers to keep it running, we can always add more.
Additionally, TOS is currently working to develop a new membership database that will enable much-improved and more regular member communications. With our new database system, members will be able to sign in to the system and update their profiles and thus manage their membership experience better. Sections will also be able to use listserv functionality to communicate more frequently among their groups and among other members in the organization.
Sections are a great way for early-career investigators to get involved and learn about TOS. Did you know that the Pediatric Section has instituted its own quarterly newsletter? Your section can too, provided you have volunteers who are willing and have the time to help out and if you have content that needs to be communicated to section members.
So pass the message along, join a section and get involved!

Donna Ryan Signature
Donna H. Ryan, MD
President, The Obesity Society
The Abstract Submission Site for Obesity 2010 Is Now Open!

The Obesity Society uses a completely online system for abstract submission, review, and publication. All accepted abstracts will be published in print and online.
Abstracts are categorized in four major tracks relating to obesity:
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Obesity
  • Neuroscience and Integrative Biology of Obesity
  • Clinical Studies
  • Population Studies
The final deadline for abstract submission is:
Noon, Eastern Time, April 5, 2010.
The Obesity 2010 Preliminary Program is now available online. 
Click here to start planning your time in San Diego!
America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

First Lady, Michelle Obama has made the first move in her national public awareness effort to tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity, Let's Move.  
Mrs. Obama is active in encouraging involvement by actors from every sector -- the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, as well as parents and youth -- to help support and amplify the work of the Federal Government in improving the health of our children.  
Strategies of the plan include updating child-nutrition policies in a way that addresses the best-available scientific information, ensuring access to healthy, affordable food in schools and communities, as well as increasing physical activity and empowering parents and caregivers with the information and tools they need to make good choices for themselves and their families.

Click Here to read the full Memorandum

Video Clips From Weekly Webshow Address Nutrition Issues

Katie Couric of CBS News shared with The Obesity Society a recent segment she hosted titled Americans and Food. Couric's online weekly webshow, @KATIECOURIC, addresses 'What we eat, why we eat so much of it, and what it means for our health.'  In the segment, Couric talks to former FDA Commissioner and author of "The End of Overeating" Dr. David Kessler, and journalist Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation," about the food in America.


To view video clips and the full segment, visit The Obesity Society Video Resources page:
TOS Member Discount Available on IJO

Thanks to our association with the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO) and our publisher, Nature Publishing Group, members of The Obesity Society are eligible to receive discounted rates on subscriptions to IASO journals, in particular, the International Journal of Obesity (IJO).

To receive the discounted subscriptions, TOS members should complete the 2010 Member Discount Form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form for mailing, emailing, or faxing the form to IASO.
New Program to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Promote Literacy 


Marvin Ward Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC has started a new program called "Kids Read and Ride." The school collected 41 exercise bikes from around the community for students to ride while reading fun magazines and books. Students at the school have already logged 3,475 miles and completed an extra 869 hours of reading since October!  
For more information visit: You'll find a flyer and press release, as well as photos, FAQ and suggestions for starting up a similar program.
Overview of the COMP Certification Program
The Obesity Society, the recognized leader in research and education on the causes and treatment of obesity, has united with 12 professional societies to jointly develop and offer a credential that recognizes your achieved expertise, the Certified Obesity Medical Physician (COMP).

Now in development, the COMP credential is a voluntary certification for physicians (MD and DO only) designed to elevate the professional standard of experience and expertise in the treatment of obesity and influence the future of this vital field. The COMP designation serves as a mark of distinction for physicians treating overweight and obese patients, raising their standing among peers and the public.

To view the body of knowledge included in the exam visit:

  Here is a round-up of press articles that refer to The Obesity Society and its members or to topics relating to obesity in general. Please note that all external links are provided as a courtesy and are not endorsed by The Obesity Society.
 TOS and TOS Members in the News 
Obesity Journal in the News
Obesity in the News
 Longtime Biological Researcher at NIH, Died December 6, 2009
Dr. Constantine "Dean" Londos began his National Institutes of Health (NIH) career in 1971 and was a renowned researcher of adipose tissue. He helped identify factors that regulate fat storage and breakdown, and he redefined the functional view of the fat cell. Dr. Londos died unexpectedly of a cerebral aneurysm on December 6th, 2009.
The Obesity Society awarded Dr. Londos the Mickey Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 for outstanding contributions to the field of obesity in terms of scholarship, mentorship, and education.
He is greatly missed by his family, friends and scientific colleagues. 
Two New Staff Appointments at TOS Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD
We are pleased to announce two additions to the staff in the TOS headquarters office in Silver Spring, MD:
Lorna Pool
Lorna Pool brings substantial accounting experience and record-keeping skills to her position of Finance Assistant. Lorna graduated with a degree in Accounting from Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling, WV and has worked with nonprofit organizations in the Washington, DC area over the past few years. Lorna joined TOS staff in November 2009 and reports to Kathie Cleary, Director of Finance and Administration.
Lauren Maza
Lauren Maza joined the staff of TOS in December, 2009, as Education Manager, reporting to Bill Scott, Director of Professional Development and Certification.  Prior to joining TOS, she was a member of the education team at the American Society of Nephrology. In her "free time", Lauren is a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, where she is currently pursuing an MBA.
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Featured Articles in Obesity This Month Include:
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Francesca Dea END NOTE ... FROM THE EVP

The Obesity Society's Annual Scientific Meeting is the premier conference of its kind because of the innovative ideas and superb research presented.  Each year the program quality content continues to improve.  The Program Committee is credited with playing a large part in making the Annual Meeting an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow in the profession.  Additionally, the quantity and quality of symposia and abstract submissions that TOS receives also play a role.  Without the dedicated professionals in the field who choose TOS as the venue to share their work, the content would not be as strong.
At Obesity 2009, 55% of meeting attendees were 'overall satisfied' with the conference and 31% were 'very satisfied.'  These are very good ratings, however, we continually strive to improve your satisfaction and the value you receive from the meeting.  Ensuring we have an exceptional program for you is the key to increasing your satisfaction and with high-quality abstract submissions, the Program Committee will continue their dedicated work to develop another outstanding program this year.
The Abstract Submission Site is open and we are accepting submission until April 5, 2010.  That gives you just five more weeks to complete your abstract submission!  Don't procrastinate and miss your opportunity to be included among your peers, thought-leaders in the obesity profession.  To submit your abstract, click here.



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Francesca Dea, CAE
Executive Vice President, The Obesity Society
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