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Obesity 2012 Submission Deadlines
Early-Career Investigator Grant Review Program
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Obesity Society Preconference Course Suggestions
November Basic Science Section Newsbrief
Short Sleep Duration, Weight Gain and Disinhibited Eating
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Patrick O'NeilDear Colleague, 

For those of us who haven't even turned in our receipts from the Orlando TOS Annual Scientific Meeting, it's hard to believe that planning is already underway for the 2012 meeting to be held in San Antonio September 20-24.  But the Program Committee is already hard at work.  They are soliciting ideas for topics and/or speakers for symposia at the meeting.  Please see the submission dates and guidelines below.

This month we will begin the second annual session of the Early-Career Grant Review Program, an important mentoring initiative that was very favorably received in its first year. The program provides a great opportunity for early-career professionals to submit their grant suggestions for review by an established expert in the Society. It's a confidential process that allows the young professional to enjoy the benefit of working with a mentor in their field.  

In addition, we are also looking for suggested ideas for preconference paid workshops. These can be valuable educational opportunities for attendees to learn about topics in the obesity field that would not normally be covered by the symposia at the meeting. you'll find guidelines below.


Finally, the other feature of the annual cycle that is almost upon us is the run-up to the Thanksgiving through New Year's holiday season.  As you know, this is the time of year that everyone gets interested in our field of study: weight gain!  It often presents good opportunities to communicate to lay audiences some scientifically based information on a question that still seems to attract misinformation and myth:  How much does the average adult gain over the holiday season?  Recall that TOS members Jack Yanovski and Sue Yanovski and colleagues provided the best data on this question back in 2000 (N Engl J Med. 2000;342(12):861-867).


Thank you for your support of The Obesity Society.



Patrick M. O'Neil, PhD

President, The Obesity Society


SymposiaSuggestionsObesity 2012 Symposium Suggestions Submission Deadlines


It's time to start planning for Obesity 2012! Please be aware of the following deadlines for submitting suggestions:


November 7, 2011          
Symposium Suggestion Website Opens 

November 30, 2011
Close Symposium Suggestion site

February 1, 2012
Open Abstract Submission site

March 12, 2012
Abstract Submission deadline


**Please note that TOS is asking for suggestions for possible symposium topics and speakers.  TOS is not requesting formal symposium submissions, but rather suggestions for topic areas and possible speakers.  This differs from other societies that either accept or reject symposium submissions in their entirety. Even if accepted, submissions may be modified by the Program Committee to fit the overall Program**  


Guidelines for Symposia Suggestions:


  1. Please identify a track or tracks that are appropriate for the symposia suggestion. Joint/cross-track symposia are desirable
  2. Symposia submissions should NOT duplicate topics covered in the last TOS meeting. 
  3. Suggested speakers (2-4) should include an equal mix of TOS member and non-member speakers.  TOS members are preferred.  Slots for international speakers are limited.
  4. DO NOT contact suggested speakers in advance as we cannot guarantee their inclusion in the program.  Invitations will ONLY be made by members of the Program Committee.
  5. TOS Sections may review and submit symposia suggestions on behalf of their members.  Such submissions will be given special consideration by the Program Committee for inclusion in the program (but this does not mean they will be accepted in their entirety).  We encourage you to work with your Sections to help us design the best program. 
ECIGrantReviewEarly-Career Investigator Grant Review Program:
Applications Accepted Through November 14, 2011


The Early-Career Investigator Grant Review Program is an initiative led by the Early-Career Investigator Committee. The grant review prgram provides a forum for students, postdocs, and junior scientists to receive mentorship from senior investigators on their grant proposal ideas. 


What Is the Grant Review Program?

Established TOS investigators will voluntarily review the "Specific Aims" section of a grant proposal and give feedback to early-career investigators.



Pre-doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and junior scientists who have held an independent faculty position (or equivalent) for ≤ 5 years and who are currently TOS members.


This year's deadline is: November 14. More details and how to apply for this valuable mentoring opportunity can be found at:


(Note: This program should not be confused with the Early-Career Research Grants Program. See

Our Newest TOS Fellows
Please give a warm welcome to the following members who have recently been awarded fellow status:

Peter J. Havel, DVM, PhD
Associate Research Professor, University of California, Davis

Philip Ebenezer, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, LSU System


preconCall for Obesity Society Preconference Course Suggestions

In preparation for Obesity 2012, TOS is seeking suggested ideas for Preconference Courses to precede the annual meeting.

Preconference paid courses provide conference attendees with the opportunity to learn about specific subjects within the obesity field as well as the opportunity to network with others. Workshops can vary in scope in accordance with the wide range of interests of our members and annual meeting attendees. The scope includes, but is not limited to, basic science techniques, clinical assessment methods or approaches, population methodologies or environmental assessment methodologies.

Please see the full description for full details of the process and rationale for the courses and use the application form below to submit your proposed ideas.

November Basic Science Section Newsbrief


TALLYHO, a Polygenic Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes With Obesity
By: Jung Han Kim and Joan C. Edwards
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is the most common form of human diabetes, accounting for over 90% of cases and often coexists with obesity.  The etiology of T2D involves genetic predisposition and nongenetic risk factors such as age, diet and life style.  Supporting evidence for heritability includes the pronounced ethnic differences in T2D prevalence and strong familial aggregation of the disease.  Most common forms of T2D in humans follow polygenic inheritances: ie, multiple genes are involved in the development of the disease.  The pathophysiological mechanism of T2D is characterized by a combination of peripheral insulin resistance and b-cell dysfunction. 
Short Sleep Duration, Weight Gain and Disinhibited Eating 
TOS Early-Career Investigator Committee member, Jean-Philippe Chaput, PhD, shares a paper recently published in the October issue of Sleep which focuses on the connection between short duration sleep and obesity. According to Dr. Chaput, results are novel and are expected to have a significant impact in the field. To read the article, click here.
*This article is being made available with permission from The Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC, Darien IL.
TOS and TOS Members In The News

 (Please note: External Links are provided as a courtesy. The Obesity Society is not responsible for the content on sites accessed through external links.)


Here's a selection of the media coverage TOS and TOS members received recently:


How Successful Dieters Make Weight Loss Stick


Obesity: An Ever Heftier Problem: Industry Under Fire for What Many See as Undue Influence Over Health Policy

Obese Patients May be Seeing Doctor Discrimination

Half of Germans Are Obese and Overweight

Hunger Hormones May Be Dieters' Worst Enemy

Sensaslim Success Amongst Supermodels as a Slimming Spray


In Obesity-Conscious Era, Halloween Candy a Tricky Treat

Obesity: America's Epidemic


Want to Resist Temptation? Thinking Might Not Always Help You, Study Suggests 

November Soundbytes...
Workplaces Feel the Impact of Obesity

From cubicle farms to auto factories, accommodating larger and heavier employees has become a fact of life. One in three US adults is obese, and researchers say the impact on business can be boiled down to a number: $1,000 to $6,000 in added cost per year for each obese employee, the figure rising along with a worker's body mass index.




Losing Weight: A Battle Against Fat And Biology 


If you're among the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight, chances are you've had people tell you to just ease up on the eating and use a little self-control. It does, of course, boil down to "calories in, calories out."

But there's a lot more to it than that, according to obesity specialist Dr. Donna Ryan, associate director for clinical research at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La.


Link to NPR Article/Listen to Story

Earn CMEs by Attending Past Obesity Sessions Online!


Obesity Online is your online destination for continuing medical education all year round. You'll find annual meeting sessions from Obesity 2011 (due to go live mid-December or sooner) and previous years' meetings as well as an opportunity to evaluate Obesity 2011 and access your CME certificates.


Audio Recordings of Obesity 2011 Sessions:

  • View annual scientific meeting sessions you couldn't attend on site
  • Replay annual scientific meeting highlights year round
  • View courses online captured as true multi-media recreations with synchronized slides, handouts, and much more
  • Download audio synchronized-to-PowerPoint slide presentations anytime, anywhere!
  • Each slide presentation is accompanied by audio from the actual session
  • Access to online from 2011 will be available starting in mid-December 
  • Colleagues who did not attend the annual meeting but who wish to view educational content online may purchase access separately

CME for Obesity 2011:

  • Access annual meeting evaluations for the sessions you attended in Orlando
  • Print your CME certificate online


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