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Obesity Treatment

- TOS Endorses AHA Statement on Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality, August 2016
- Comments to FDA on U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) draft research plan, January 2016
- Letter to Dr. Murthy: Reaching beyond lifestyle interventions to effectively address obesity, May 2015
- Confidentiality of Interim Results in Cardiovascular Outcome Safety Trials (CVOTs)
- Penalties Related to BMI and Weight Loss, Sept. 2013
- Obesity Community Supports the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act of 2013
- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) - An Ineffective Approach to Treating Obesity, January 2013
- Obesity Community Statement on the Future of Obesity Drugs
- FDA Review of New Drugs, June 2011

- Highlights of HR 5209, The Healthy CHOICES Act, May 2010
- Obesity As a Disease: The Obesity Society Resolution, 2008
- Draft Guidance for Industry on Developing Products for Weight Management, 2007
- Statement Regarding the Use of Pharmacotherapy in Response to a Public Citizen Petition, 2002
- The Obesity Society's Comments on Healthy People 2010, 1998

Insurance Coverage

- National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) supports obesity treatment, July 2015
- Response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ National Coverage Determination for Bariatric Surgery, 2006
- The Obesity Society's Comments on Coverage Review of Bariatric Surgery, 2005
- The Obesity Society Outlines Three Point Plan to Counter Obesity Before House Subcommittee on Government Reform, 2004
- The Obesity Society's Comments on Medicare Policy, 2004

Research Funding

- TOS Comments on the NHLBI Strategic Research Priorities, March 4, 2016
- TOS Letter to the NHLBI Strategic Visioning Team, April 28, 2015
- Acceptance of Financial Support from Industry for Research, Education & Consulting, March 2014
-The Need for Increased Obesity Research Funding

- TOS Guidelines for Accepting Funds from External Resources, 2013
- The Obesity Society's Council Urges All Members to Actively Support H.R. 88, 1999

Weight Bias

Correcting misinterpretation in the public dialogue on weight-loss maintenance, July 2016
- Obesity and Disability, January 2015
- Guidelines for Media Portrayal of Individuals Affected by Obesity, July 2014
- People-First Language for Obesity, Aug. 2013
- The Obesity Society Position on Recent Criticism of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, October 2011
- Youth Weight Bias and Bullying in Schools, April 2011
- Weight Bias and Discrimination, April 2010
- Youth Weight Bias and Discrimination in Healthcare Settings, April 2010
- Weight Bias Task Force Issues Policy Statement, 2004

Nutrition & Diet

Obesity Leaders Support Changes to Nutrition Facts Label, June 2016

- TOS Supports Creation of Office of Dietary Supplement Programs, March 2016
- Dietary Supplements Sold as Medicinal or Curative, October 2015
- Energy Density of Foods Influences Satiety & Total Caloric Intake, Sept. 2014
- TOS Comments on Proposed Major Revision to Food Nutrition Facts Labels, May 2014
- Reduced Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Can Reduce Total Caloric Intake, April 2014
- TOS Supports FTC Efforts to Protect Consumers from False Weight Loss Claims, Jan 2014
- TOS, OAC & ASMBS Comments Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act, May 2013
- Restaurant Labeling, February 2008

Other Advocacy & Policy

- Eradicating America's Obesity Epidemic, August 2009
- Report On The Supply And Demand Of 18O Enriched Water, 1999
- TOS Logo Usage Guidelines, July 2013



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