Position Statements

Obesity and Disability, January 2015

Energy Density of Foods Influences Satiety & Total Caloric Intake, Sept. 2014

Guidelines for Media Portrayal of Individuals Affected by Obesity, July 2014

Reduced Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Can Reduce Total Caloric Intake, April 2014

Acceptance of Financial Support from Industry for Research, Education & Consulting, March 2014

Penalties Related to BMI and Weight Loss, Sept. 2013

People-First Language for Obesity, Aug. 2013

Logo Usage Policy and Guidelines, July 10, 2013

Guidelines for Accepting Funds from External Sources, Jan. 2013

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) - An Ineffective Approach to Treating Obesity, Jan. 29, 2013

Obesity Community Statement on the Future of Obesity Drugs 

The Obesity Society Position on Recent Criticism of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, October 3, 2011

Sedentary Behavior, Exercise, Obesity & Health, June 2011

The Need for Increased Obesity Research Funding

Youth Weight Bias and Bullying in Schools

Statement of The Obesity Society Regarding FDA Review and Approval of Promising New Obesity Drugs

Weight Bias and Discrimination

Youth Weight Bias and Discrimination in Healthcare Settings

The Obesity Society Opposes Georgia’s Children’s Health Alliance Campaign to Stop Childhood Obesity

The Obesity Society Calls Billboard Campaign Offensive and Off-Target

The Obesity Society Position on Recent Criticism of Surgeon General Nominee Regina Benjamin

Solutions- Eradicating America's Obesity Epidemic

Citizen Petition Requesting FDA to Treat Weight Loss Claims for Dietary Supplements as Disease Claims

Obesity As a Disease: The Obesity Society Resolution

Obesity As a Disease: White Paper

Position Statement on Restaurant Labeling

Draft Guidance for Industry on Developing Products for Weight Management

NAASO, The Obesity Society’s Position on Orlistat as an Over-the-Counter Drug

Response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ National Coverage Determination for Bariatric Surgery

The Obesity Society's Comments on Coverage Review of Bariatric Surgery

Weight Bias Task Force Issues Policy Statement

The Obesity Society Outlines Three Point Plan to Counter Obesity Before House Subcommittee on Government Reform

The Obesity Society's Comments on Medicare Policy

The Obesity Society's Testimony Before Congress

Statement Regarding the Use of Pharmacotherapy in Response to a Public Citizen Petition

National Nutrition Summit Position Paper

The Obesity Society's Council Urges All Members to Actively Support H.R. 88

Report On The Supply And Demand Of 18O Enriched Water

The Obesity Society's Comments on Healthy People 2010


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