Sign the Obesity Pledge - Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

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Today, I'm pleased to announce the Obesity Pledge. This past summer, resulting from nearly a year of crafting in partnership with our Corporate Advisory Council, TOS launched a new campaign dedicated to getting clinicians the tools they need to prevent, diagnose and treat obesity - Treat Obesity Seriously. The initiative is one of the various ways TOS is working to help improve clinical obesity education, a need further illustrated in the recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. We recognize the challenges faced in a busy practice, and are working to make it easier to for clinicians to incorporate evidence-based obesity medicine into patient care.

When the campaign website went live, the nation’s clinicians responded in force, requesting thousands of copies of the free tools we developed to help start the conversation about obesity with patients: the BMI pads, BMI wheels and “Obesity is a Disease” office posters. These materials are still available, and you can sign up to get them via mail on the website.

As a next step, we’re asking for your support to help create a further impact.

When you visit the website you’ll note that we’ve recently added the Obesity Pledge, where you can demonstrate your commitment to treating obesity seriously, and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. By signing the pledge you’ll add your voice to encourage the treatment of obesity by saying:

“I believe obesity isn’t just a problem. It’s a disease that warrants serious evidence-based treatments. Nutritional and physical activity guidance. Intensive behavioral counseling. Drug therapy. And surgery. Agree to learn more and help more. I treat obesity seriously.”

It’s simple. Sign the pledge online with your mouse. Print your certificate and hang it on your office or practice wall. Share the pledge with your family, friends and colleagues. And, send a letter to your member of Congress expressing your support for legislation that treats obesity seriously.

I thank you in advance for taking just a few minutes to show your support!




Harvey Grill, PhD

President, The Obesity Society

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