Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Real life stories demonstrate the impact a health care provider can have on acheiving weight-loss success. The stories below illustrate the how various options, with support from a health care team, can be life changing for those affected by obesity. Do you have a success story you would like to share? Email us at





Sandra B., Age 55

Sandra was at work when she fainted for the first time in her life. Paramedics were called and the EKG they performed showed heart problems and high blood pressure. She was rushed to the hospital and put through a battery of tests. The heart specialist told her that if she didn’t change her lifestyle and lose weight, it would take years off her life. She decided right then to take action; she wanted and needed to be healthy for her children and grandchildren.

At the time of the episode she was eating anything and everything to deal with her stress and it was putting her at risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes. She knew she needed help to make the many necessary changes to have a healthy lifestyle, so she chose a commercial weight loss program with individualized support and started her new life.

Through the support of the program she lost 98 lbs. Since losing weight, her blood pressure is now in normal range and she has more energy to enjoy her family. Support from a personal consultant and her family truly helped her change her habits for the better. Her weight-loss consultant taught her portion control, gave her a balanced menu plan and tips on how to control hunger and avoid emotional eating. For physical exercise, she now enjoys walking and working out at her local fitness club twice a week. Today, she says it feels great knowing that she’s improved her health. If she’s tempted to revert to bad habits, she reminds herself of her doctor’s dire warning and how hard she’s worked to accomplish her weight loss goals and lead a healthier life.



David P., Age 58

Having struggled with being overweight for most of his adult life, things eventually took a turn for the worse. David’s blood tests revealed type 2 diabetes and horribly high bad cholesterol and triglycerides, among many other problems. He knew he was in trouble. Despite medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, including daily insulin injections, David’s weight continued to balloon up to 304 lbs - his “final wakeup call.”

He decided to start a personalized weight loss program to improve his health. Through discipline, a great weight loss plan, an enthusiastic staff (especially his weight loss consultant), and many hours on an exercise bike, he lost 80 lbs. David says losing weight made him feel like 25 again. The transformation was far more than great lab results. He felt spectacular and has more energy than he’s had in years. His blood sugar is back to normal and he has been able to come off all of his diabetes medications. His cholesterol and hypertension are now under control and he’s off all medications, except for baby aspirin. His doctor tells him losing weight saved his life, and hearing that was one of the high points in his life.


Keith D., Age 43

Keith has battled obesity since the age of 18.

He decided to give the non-surgical route one last try before deciding to move forward with weigh-loss surgery. His mother told him about a nearby medical weight-loss program and within a couple of weeks he was registered.

On his own, Keith lost 23 pounds prior to the program, 98 pounds while in the program and 20 pounds after skin removal surgery. Today, he is 222 pounds down from 360!

Due to his weight loss, he has resolved multiple health problems, including high blood pressure, sleep apnea, GERD, knee pain and pre-diabetes.



Amy F., Age 41

Amy has always been athletic, spending her free time playing tennis and downhill skiing, as the season allows. However, she struggled to stay active and lose weight after having her first child.

Like many women post birth, she found it difficult to control the quantity of what she was eating and exercise enough to burn the extra calories while also caring for her newborn. A combination of post-birth hormonal changes also added to the equation. She decided to seek help from a weight-loss physician. 

Amy has seen dramatic success through medical weight-loss treatment. At 5’1” she wasable drop from 178 pounds to 128 pounds through a combination of prescription medication and a low-calorie diet. She has also worked closely with her weight-loss physician to incorporate lifestyle changes, including paying closer attention to portion size and adding enhanced exercise into her daily routine.

As a result, Amy says her clothes fit better, she’s seen improvements in her skin, and she’s had a dramatic reduction in her previously high cholesterol. Today she has more energy and manages her weight with a low dose of medication, regular exercise and healthy eating.


Clinton T., Age 29

For Clinton, the toughest decision was the admitting to himself that he couldn’t do it alone; he needed help from a weight-loss professional. After doing some research, he discovered a fantastic weight-loss staff that answered his call for help. His medical support team has been by his side to encourage him every step of the way.

As part of his individualized program, Clinton participated in a group of individuals all working toward the same goal. He found comfort in the knowledge that he was not in this battle alone. The weight-loss support group program allowed Clinton to interact with people facing similar challenges with their weight, and communicate with others who are all making life changes together. 

Today, Clinton is an advocate for medical weight-loss support and says, “if you are looking for a change, it WILL help you achieve it."


Michelle V., Age 40

Michelle's weight-loss team guided her to make important lifestyle changes. At 35, she decided it was time to alter her course through weight-loss surgery. She was a size 28, on eight medications and being treated for various health conditions, including high blood pressure and sleep apnea, both closely tied to obesity. Bariatric surgery changed her life. She lost 158 lbs. and ditched the medications. Michelle adopts a military mindset to stay motivated with successful weight maintenance. She concedes it can be a daily struggle, but is proof that it can be done.



Jim F., Age 60

Jim decided to undergo weight-loss surgery in 2003 with his wife Karen. He weighed more than 300 pounds and was affected by back pain, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diagnosed as pre-diabetic all due to his weight. After the surgery, he reached his weight-loss goal in less than a year. As a result, he was able to stop taking medications for high cholesterol and gastric reflux. His blood pressure dropped to a normal level, and he veered off the path to becoming diabetic. The money saved by coming off of the two drugs more than paid for Jim’s treatment. 

His chosen course of medical treatment has been tremendously successful and Jim continues to educate others seeking information on obesity-management services. Today he is on the board of directors for the Obesity Action Coalition, the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to representing individuals affected by obesity.



Lisa S., Age 52

Lisa has struggled with her weight since she had her last child in her mid-30's, gaining weight slowly but steadily at a rate of 5-10 pounds a year. During this pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes. After unsuccessfully pursuing traditional weight-loss options, she sought out the support of medical management of obesity and participated in a research study for a weight-loss drug that was approved by the FDA last year. Lisa was very responsive to the medication and lost 40 pounds, almost 20% of her weight, in the first year of the trial, which improved her overall health, mobility and confidence. Her blood pressure and cholesterol were significantly reduced. Unfortunately, since the trial ended four years ago, Lisa no longer has access to the therapy and has regained the majority of the weight she lost. She's hopeful that the drug will be released to the market soon and that she can resume the successful weight loss she experienced as a result of modern medicine combined with diet and exercise.



Dick S., Age 67

During retirement Dick's weight continued to gradually increase and by November 2011 he weighed more than 320 pounds. By that time he had fallen into a fairly sedentary lifestyle and was plagued by increasing pain and stiffness in his knees. He found himself abandoning his pleasures of walking and traveling internationally. When he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November 2011, Dick knew it was time to lose weight. He and his physician set a weight-loss goal to lose 80 lbs during the next year. Through a regimen of caloric restriction and strenuous exercise, all guided by a medical weight-loss support team, he was able to lose 105 pounds by Christmas 2012! 

Dick says his critical support tools included: bimonthly visits to a lifestyle physician who oversaw the weight-loss program; bimonthly visits to a dietician to guide his selection of food choices, and an online tool to monitor calories, carbs, protein and fiber.

These support tools helped Dick achieve and maintain consistent eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Today, with significant improvement in his knee pain, and an increase in his activity level, Dick’s returning to his pleasures and is looking forward to several international trips in 2013.