Obesity Society Grants

Obesity Society Grants

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The Obesity Society's grants program demonstrates our commitment to promote, reward, and encourage research in the field of obesity.


Grant Opportunities – Application Period Open

The are currently no grant opportunities with open application periods. 


Grant Opportunities – Application Period Closed

Early Career Research Grants

This program (formerly, New Investigator Research Grants) is offered by The Obesity Society as a member service to foster and stimulate new research ideas in any area of investigation related to obesity. The program targets junior-level investigators and postdoctoral trainees by funding proposals that demonstrate a high likelihood of resulting in new and innovative approaches in obesity research. Early Career members are defined as individuals who have received a PhD within the past five years or MD within the past eight years and who currently hold full-time, entry-level positions (e.g., post-doctoral fellow, instructor, assistant professor) at an established academic/research institution. Applicants may request up to $25,000. 

The application period is now closed.


Early Career Grant Challenge

This grant competition is offered by The Obesity Society as a member service to foster and stimulate new research ideas related to obesity. TOS will select five finalists to pitch their research ideas on stage at the TOS Opening Session of ObesityWeek. A panel of judges, as well as the audience, will select the winner. Each of the five finalists will receive complimentary registration to ObesityWeek and a $1,500 travel grant. They will have five minutes to present their proposal and the winner will receive a $25,000 research grant. 

The application period is now closed.


Weight Watchers Karen Miller-Kovach Grant

Weight Watchers and TOS have partnered to create the Karen Miller-Kovach Research Grant, which will focus on the development of a scalable, behavioral weight-loss intervention that includes digital tools. The program is open to TOS members of all career levels, and all applications from post-doctoral research fellows must have a mentor who is a current TOS member, as well as being a member in their own right. An award of up to $50,000 is given to each recipient for a one-year period. 

The application period is now closed.


TOS Fellowship Sponsored by Pfizer 

In agreement with Pfizer, Inc., The Obesity Society will award one Postdoctoral Fellowship (PhD or MD) for a two-year period totaling $150,000, with an option of a third year. The funds provided are to be used for salary support of the mentee and the research project. The fellowship will focus on “Central control of Obesity, with an emphasis on mechanistic studies to deepen our basic understanding of the homeostatic and reward neurocircuitries underlying food intake”.

The fellowship recipient will be selected and based, in part, on independent third-party recommendations as well as academic and professional ability of the mentor and the mentee, and on an objective, non-discriminatory basis by The Obesity Society. Pfizer will have no role in selecting the recipient. The awarded fellowship may not be used to directly pay and/or benefit any health care providers or licensed prescribers. Additionally, Pfizer employees and their immediate family members are not eligible for the fellowship.

The application period is now closed.


TOS & Weight Watchers Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 

This two-year postdoctoral fellowship will allow training and research experience in obesity within an industry context. This TOS/Weight Watchers Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is only available to TOS members. 

The primary purpose of TOS/Weight Watchers Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is to provide training for, or exposure to, a scientific career in industry for those with recent doctorates. This fellowship expands and strengthens the usual fellowship experience by providing access to a Weight Watchers scientist mentor, Gary Foster, PhD, who will: 1) guide the postdoc’s research, 2) immerse the postdoc in industry experiences, and 3) expose and train the postdoc in the overall culture of industry scientific research. In addition to the experiential learning, the training program can be tailored to meet the needs of the postdoc, whether they wish to pursue a career in industry, government, or academia.

The application period is now closed.


Pat Simons Travel Grants

As part of its commitment to young investigators in the field of obesity research, each year The Obesity Society awards a number of $1000 travel grants to support young investigator attendance at the Annual Meeting. Barbara Rolls, TOS past President, created these special grants after losing her mother, Pat Simons, to obesity related disease.
Encouraged by the desire to make a difference in her mother's name, Barbara joined family and friends to identify the most appropriate means to honor her. She long recognized that the origin of her mother's disease was obesity, and while suggestions were made to donate to diabetes or heart associations, Barbara felt it was important to support the great work behind the research, treatment and prevention of obesity - the primary disease that took her mother's life. And, because Pat was an educator, Barbara specifically wanted to support the education of students in the field. With all of this in mind, the Pat Simons Travel Grants were created.

The application period is now closed.


Bench to Bedside and Beyond Early Career Travel Grant

TOS Secretary-Treasurer and 2014 Atkinson-Stern recipient Martin Binks, PhD, FTOS, has created a path to travel funding with the creation of the Bench to Bedside & Beyond travel grants. Addressing obesity requires an integrated, multipronged approach from all areas — including clinical, public health, policy and research.

With that in mind, Dr. Binks has created and agreed to fund two annual travel grants in the amount of $1,000 each to recognize and provide opportunities for all those who fight obesity across the spectrum.

Bench to Bedside and Beyond travel grant recipients must meet TOS Early Career membership criteria and be in attendance at ObesityWeek. Recipients are chosen on-site based on a simple lottery.

The application period is now closed.


FosterSchauer Award

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and The Obesity Society have created a travel grant for young investigators. This grant has been named in honor of Gary Foster, PhD, and Philip Schauer, MD, the original ObesityWeek founders/chairs. Two winners will be selected, one from TOS and one from ASMBS, based on the quality and ranking of an abstract that has been accepted for presentation during ObesityWeek. The grant winners' abstracts should be of interest to the members of both societies, representing the goal of creating a multidisciplinary conference on obesity by bringing the ASMBS and TOS Annual Meetings together as ObesityWeek.

To qualify, candidates must reside/study outside of the United States, representing the goal of creating a conference international in scope, and is either a graduate student or have received a PhD or MD less than 5 years ago. Each winner is awarded a travel stipend of $2,500, which is intended to offset the cost of travel to attend ObesityWeek.

The application period is now closed.

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