Fellowship in The Obesity Society is one of the highest honors our organization can confer. A prestigious mark of distinction, Fellowship highlights your contributions to the field of obesity research, treatment and prevention.

As a Fellow, you gain the right to include FTOS among your credentials, so your colleagues will recognize that you are a respected member of the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity.

Fellows of The Obesity Society (FTOS)

Selection Criteria and Nomination Process

Criteria for Fellowship   

  • Full member of TOS in good standing for at least five (5) consecutive years.
  • Nomination either by candidate (self-nomination) or by a current TOS Fellow.
  • Qualification through either the Research Pathway or the Scholarship and Service pathway
    • Research Pathway criteria:
      Demonstrated record of obesity-related research, resulting in at least ten (10) first or senior-authored*, English-language, peer-reviewed publications of original research and at least ten (10) additional peer-reviewed publications of original research or scholarly reviews

Scholarship or Service Pathway criteria:

Demonstrated record of sustained leadership in advancing obesity-related research, clinical care, or public policy through at least one of the following:

  • Professional or lay education
  • Clinical innovation
  • Policy and advocacy

Demonstrated service to TOS through sustained leadership in TOS committees, sections, educational programs, or other activities that substantially contribute to the goals and mission of TOS

*Senior authorship is typically defined as including the first or last author, if the last author oversaw the conduct of the research project.  If this is defined differently in the field of the publication, please include a note of explanation in the explain in your application.

Nomination Process

Submit the Fellowship Nomination Packet to the attention of:

Email to:  [email protected]

The Fellowship Nomination Packet must include the following items, all prepared in the English language:

  • Letter of nomination, either from the nominee or from a current TOS Fellow, indicating the qualifying fellowship pathway and describing the nominee’s qualifications, professional accomplishments and impact, contributions to obesity, and contributions to the goals and work of The Obesity Society.
  • Brief curriculum vitae or NIH-style biosketch (maximum 5 pages, single-spaced in 10-point or larger font), which includes salient obesity-related scholarship, achievements and recognition, including in research, teaching, clinical innovation, clinical care, policy, advocacy and administrative activities. For nominees qualifying through the Research Pathway, the 20 required peer-reviewed publications should be highlighted.
  • Individual letters of support from two (2) current Fellows of The Obesity Society.

Nominations will be evaluated by the Fellowship Subcommittee of TOS’s Membership Committee.  Subcommittee recommendations for appointment of new Fellows will be forwarded to the TOS Governing Board for consideration and review.  Final determination of Fellowship appointments will be made by the TOS Governing Board.