The Annual Program Committee is charged with the development and programming of TOS’s annual meeting. The committee is responsible for identifying critical emerging topics and issues in obesity research and treatment and to develop symposia and other programming that effectively provides cutting edge information on these important topics to meeting participants.

Jaime Almandoz, MD – Chair

Kelly Allison, PhD – Co-Chair

Ursula White, PhD – Chair – Metabolism/Integrative Physiology – Track 1

Kong Chen, PhD, FTOS – Co-Chair – Metabolism/Integrative Physiology – Track 1

Amin Amin, PhD

Rebecca Brown, MD

Edward Melanson, PhD

Brooks Wingo, PhD

James Peters, PhD – Chair – Neuroscience – Track 2

Gina Leinninger, PhD – Co-Chair – Neuroscience – Track 2

Amber Alhadeff, PhD

Michael Krashes, PhD

Emily Noble, PhD

Leon Igel, MD, FTOS – Chair – Intervention/Clinical Studies – Track 3

Michael Lowe, PhD – Co-Chair – Intervention/Clinical Studies – Track 3

Elissa Jelalian, PhD, FTOS

Victoria Catenacci, MD

Hollie Raynor, PhD

Sarah Messiah, PhD – Chair – Population Health/Policy – Track 4

Vacant – Co-Chair – Population Health/Policy – Track 4

Tanya Agurs-Collins, PhD

Candice A. Myers, PhD

Holly L. Nicastro, PhD

Karen Grothe, PhD – Chair – Clinical/Prof. Practice – Track 5

W. Scott Butsch, MD, FTOS – Co-Chair – Clinical/Prof. Practice – Track 5

Lanese Ogunkua, MSN, APRN

Rachel Goldman, PhD

Beverly Tchang, MD

Kristina Lewis, MD – Chair – Policy-Track 6

Alyssa Moran, ScD – Co-Chair – Policy-Track 6

Aviva Musicus, BA

Rebecca Pearl, PhD

Christina Roberto, PhD

Catherine Kotz, PhD, FTOS – President

Anthony G. Comuzzie, PhD, FTOS – CEO

Anita Wiler, CMP – Senior Director of Education and Meetings – Staff Liaison

Darnella Parks, CMP, Manager of Scientific Meetings – Staff Liaison

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