At The Obesity Society, there is no us without you.

Our “About Us” Page … Is Really About You

Everything the Society does is done by and for people like you. Every action we take supports professionals in the obesity field and people who are impacted by obesity around the globe.

Whatever your perspective—scientific, clinical, public health, economic, personal or any other—you are dealing every day with an intractable worldwide epidemic. You know, as we do, that obesity affects individuals, families, friends and neighbors, and countless communities and societies everywhere.

Our Society has been charged with advancing the science-based understanding of the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of obesity. In other words, it’s our mission to help people like you continue your indispensable efforts.

Given the challenge and the urgent need, this is no small task.

About Your Society

Founded in 1982, The Obesity Society (TOS) is the leading professional society focused on obesity science, treatment and prevention.

Our approximately 2,800 members worldwide are people like you, ranging from early career to established members of the field, including:

  • Basic and clinical researchers
  • Clinicians and care providers
  • Educators
  • Early career investigators
  • Students

Helping You Make a Difference

Here are some of the ways TOS helps people like you make a difference as you seek to make an impact on the prevention and treatment of obesity.

  • Networking
    Get involved with approximately 2,800 like-minded, obesity-centered scientists, healthcare providers and other professionals.
  • Awards and Grants
    Be recognized and rewarded—whatever your career level—for your innovations and research in obesity. Get information about awards and grants.
  • ObesityWeek®
    Attend the world’s largest scientific meeting on obesity and explore the latest data and information from an array of perspectives. Meet other experts including scientists, clinicians, behaviorists, epidemiologists, surgeons, policymakers and more.
  • Obesity journal
    Connect with the leading journal on obesity, and stay up to date on the latest advances and cutting-edge discoveries in the field.
  • Membership
    TOS members receive access, discounts, resources and a range of opportunities. Membership includes access to a wide range of sections where you can engage, inquire and share with other members with similar specific interests. Become a member.
  • Education
    Develop your competencies and help to shape the role of practitioners.

Whatever your connection to the Society, you know we not only assist professionals working in the obesity field, we are helping people impacted by obesity every day.