Obesity Journal Symposium

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 7th Annual Obesity Journal Symposium

Highlighting Top Papers at ObesityWeek 2019

If you have a high-quality manuscript ready for submission, the editorial team of Obesity wants to hear from you. Your manuscript could be part of the 7th annual Obesity Journal Symposium to be presented in Las Vegas at ObesityWeek® 2019.

The editors will select at least four winning papers to be presented at the Symposium during the annual meeting of The Obesity Society at ObesityWeek, Nov. 3-7, 2019. The specific date and time of the Symposium will be announced soon.

Please submit your manuscript online by June 1, 2019.

Winning Symposium papers will be published online during ObesityWeek and in a special section of the November 2019 issue of Obesity.

The Symposium event will be promoted to the obesity research community and to the media.

Submission Overview

Obesity Journal Symposium Presentations

An author of each winning paper will give a 10-minute oral presentation followed by a five-minute discussion. CME credit will be offered for ObesityWeek participants who attend the Symposium.

Obesity Publication

Papers entering the competition and submitted by June 1, 2019 will be fast-track reviewed, with the winners announced during summer 2019. Winning papers will be published online on the day of the Symposium and advance copies will be shared with the media. Winning papers will appear in a special section at the front of the November 2019 issue of Obesity.

NOTE: Researchers submitting ObesityWeek abstracts are encouraged to also submit their full papers for consideration in the Obesity Journal Symposium. However, if your manuscript is selected as a Symposium winner, you will be asked to withdraw your poster or oral presentation.

Registration for ObesityWeek

As invited speakers, the presenting authors can register for the meeting free of charge.

Rapid Publication of Other Symposium Submissions

Submissions accepted by the Journal, but not chosen as winners, will have immediate online publication as “Original Articles.”

Selection Criteria and Submission Rules

The editors will prioritize state-of-the-art papers dealing with the following:

  • Mechanisms of the control of energy balance
  • Innovative clinical or translational studies that challenge current paradigms
  • Novel “proof of concept” studies that expand scientific knowledge of the mechanisms underlying obesity; prevention and treatment of obesity; or the translation of findings from the lab to the clinic and from the clinic to the community

Authors must abide by the instructions for authors available at the Obesity submission site. Please select “Obesity Symposium” as the manuscript type.

Other rules and policies:

  • The presenting author must be a current member of The Obesity Society. Find more information here on how to join.
  • Authors must mention the 7th Annual Obesity Journal Symposium in the cover letter accompanying their manuscript submission.
  • An author of each winning paper must attend the Obesity Journal Symposium to present the paper. Presenters will receive complimentary meeting registration; however, Obesity will not supply travel funds or honoraria.
  • The usual page charge policies apply to all manuscripts accepted for publication.
  • When a paper is accepted for Journal publication but is not selected as a Symposium winner, the author must allow the paper to be considered for publication in Obesity
  • Please note that manuscripts submitted to the Obesity Journal Symposium are not automatically submitted as ObesityWeek abstracts.