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As the leading scientific membership organization dedicated to the study of obesity, The Obesity Society connects you to indispensable scientific, educational and clinical information from an array of perspectives.

Obesity is the Official Journal of The Obesity Society

As the flagship journal of The Obesity Society (TOS), Obesity features groundbreaking scientific information and cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research. You will also find reviews and commentaries representing a range of interests, ideas and viewpoints.

Information About Obesity

Editor-in-Chief: Eric Ravussin, PhD
Associate Editor-In-Chief: Leanne Redman, PhD

Available in print and online, Obesity publishes vital, peer-reviewed studies and leads the field in exploring scientific developments in all areas of research, including clinical investigations, obesity biology and integrated physiology, pediatric obesity, epidemiology and genetics.

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Obesity Journal Symposium

Papers from the annual Obesity symposium will be presented during ObesityWeek each November. The papers will also be published online during ObesityWeek and in a special section of an issue of Obesity that follows the meeting.

Keep an eye on the ObesityWeek website for complete details and read the ObesityWeek selections from previous competitions.

TOS/AHA/ACC Obesity Guidelines

Obesity has published the full report of the Obesity Treatment Guidelines online. You can also order a print version of the guidelines.

Note: When referring to the Obesity Treatment Guidelines in your work, don’t forget to use this citation:
Jensen MD, Ryan DH, Donato KA, Apovian CM, Ard JD, Comuzzie AG, Hu FB, Hubbard VS, Jakicic JM, Kushner RF, Loria CM, Millen BE, Nonas CA, Pi-Sunyer FX, Stevens J, Stevens VJ, Wadden TA, Wolfe BM, Yanovski SZ. Guidelines (2013) for managing overweight and obesity in adults. Obesity 2014;22(S2):S1-S410.

Affiliated Journals

As a TOS member, you automatically receive membership in the World Obesity Federation (WOF). We are proud to partner with WOF by co-publishing the open access journal Obesity Science & Practice, as well as providing access and discounted subscriptions to other noteworthy journals published by the Federation.

To receive a discounted journal subscription as a WOF member, visit the WOF journals page and follow one of the “subscribe as a member” links.

Co-published by TOS and World Obesity, Obesity Science & Practice is a rigorously peer-reviewed, online-only journal. It offers immediate, open access to high-quality research that:

  • Discusses new medical, behavioral, dietary, pharmalogic and surgical approaches to obesity treatment
  • Publishes research papers designed to engage both healthcare professionals and other individuals
Obesity Reviews is a highly-cited journal that publishes reviews from many obesity-related disciplines. The journal organizes “for-and-against” reviews on current controversial topics. Articles are of particular interest to endocrinologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, obstetricians and rheumatologists, as well as health professionals working in general medicine and surgery.
This international peer-reviewed journal publishes high-quality translational and clinical research papers. Clinical Obesity also features reviews focused on obesity and its comorbidities.
Pediatric Obesity is a leading journal presenting high-quality papers that contain the latest research on obesity during childhood and adolescence. Topics include:

  • Genetic, molecular, biochemical and physiological aspects of obesity—basic, applied and clinical studies
  • Metabolic consequences of child and adolescent obesity
  • Epidemiological and public health-related studies of child and adolescent overweight and obesity
  • Clinical management of children and adolescents who have overweight or obesity
  • Comorbidities linked to child and adolescent obesity—mechanisms, assessment and treatment
  • Life-cycle factors (e.g., familial, intrauterine and developmental aspects of child and adolescent obesity)
  • Nutrition security and the “double burden” of obesity and malnutrition
  • Health promotion strategies around the issues of obesity, nutrition, and physical activity in children and adolescents