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As a member of the media, you have a need for new information on today’s most pressing topics. The Obesity Society (TOS) is focused on a challenging problem—the epidemic of obesity. We stand ready to deliver authoritative, science-based knowledge on this vital subject.

We will help you understand obesity’s complexities and give you valuable context about all aspects of the disease’s causes and effects.

Whether health, economic, societal or other factors are part of the story, you will receive the most up-to-date information regarding research, preventive measures, treatment regimens and policy options. We can offer a wide range of perspectives from physicians, clinicians, scientists, and policymakers.

TOS Spokespersons

Founded in 1982, TOS has approximately 2,500 members across the globe. Many of our expert members have volunteered to serve as TOS spokespersons.

These highly-qualified professionals are available for interviews and commentary on a variety of issues and topics such as weight loss, metabolism, anti-obesity medications, pediatric obesity, and health effects of obesity, including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Our experts are committed to helping members of the media fully grasp and accurately communicate complex information to varying audiences.

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