TOS Review Course for the ABOM Exam

Get Credentialed in Obesity Medicine

Get recognized for your obesity medicine expertise by sitting for the  American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) Exam. To qualify, you must submit 60 CME credits in obesity medicine along with your application, due in July (regular deadline) or August (late deadline). All Obesity Society CME credits count as required Group One credits on that application! You may use CME credits obtained within the last 36 months on the application.

TOS’s on-demand review course follows the ABOM Test Content Outline for exam dates through 2024, giving you in-depth materials that will enhance your knowledge of exam questions. During the course, you will learn from leading obesity educators and practice using sample, board-exam style questions.

A new course is in development for the ABOM Test Content Outline that apples to exam dates from 2025 onward.

Want an easy way to earn all 60 CMEs in one place?

ObesityWeek® OnDemand includes an ABOM Exam Prep Track and is approved for Group One ABOM credits.

Looking for just a few more credits for the ABOM Application?

All TOS CME events count towards Group One on the American Board of Obesity Medicine Exam Application, including our On-Demand Education and Webinars.

Want to increase your confidence going into the exam?

Sign up for TOS’s ondemand webinar, the Review Course for the ABOM Exam – you will be able to re-watch sessions as often as you like before the exam.

Not taking the exam until later?

You will have continued access to the on-demand recordings from this review course and can use the CME credits you earned at ObesityWeek® and TOS’s Review Course to apply for future exams. All CME credits must be earned within 36 months prior to the application deadline, per ABOM rules. Please note that the current on-demand course applies to exams through 2024. A new course for the new ABOM Test Content Outline will be launching soon for those taking the exam from 2025 onward.

Exam Prep Track at ObesityWeek

Each year, the Obesity Society’s Education Committee selects the ObesityWeek sessions that will be the most useful as you prepare for the exam. Find them on the ObesityWeek interactive schedule under Obesity Medicine Exam Prep Track.

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