You and your organization can make a difference.

Sponsors Play a Key Role at The Obesity Society

Our vital mission at The Obesity Society (TOS) is:

To advance the science-based understanding of
obesity and improve the lives of those affected.

Our members are talented experts working hard to significantly impact the intractable worldwide epidemic of obesity. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they are making a measurable difference for millions of people every day.

And they greatly appreciate your help.

When you and your organization join with us to sponsor our work, you become a valued contributor to our members’ success. In return, your organization receives increased public awareness of its own commitment to furthering obesity research, prevention, treatment, and management.

TOS Sponsorship Opportunities

Here are some of the ways your organization can get involved:


TOS offers multiple opportunities to support our work while raising awareness of the products and services you offer. For example, you can be featured in:

  • TOS eNews, the Society’s e-newsletter
  • Obesity, the official journal of The Obesity Society

ObesityWeek Exhibitors and Sponsors

ObesityWeek is the world’s largest event focused on obesity research, treatment and prevention, reaching thousands of attendees.

TOS holds its annual meeting at ObesityWeek, and the annual meeting gives organizations a variety of sponsorship opportunities. These include sponsoring individual events or sessions.

ObesityWeek is a unique opportunity to showcase your obesity-related products, services and message. You’ll be connected to TOS and to the thought leaders, innovators and decision makers in the obesity field—experts who are all searching for the latest solutions for managing the disease of obesity.

Email [email protected] to learn about ObesityWeek opportunities.

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Please contact [email protected] to find out about contributing to the Society’s vital mission by becoming a sponsor.

That address can also be used to learn about joining the Corporate Obesity Round Table. This group is comprised largely, but not exclusively, of stakeholders in obesity management, including pharmaceutical and diet industry partners.

Whether it is an effort to advertise or sponsor with another organization, TOS is committed to the transparency of our financial relationships. Visit the Conflict of Interest Disclosures section on our website to learn more.